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  1. Roofe is arguably the best player in Scotland, although right now Tav is playing better than anyone else and probably should be first. Aribo and Kamara should be higher. There's also too many non Old Firm players there, and some far too high - Lewis Ferguson sixth or Shankland at 20th for example. Whole list I'd designed not to upset any group of fans. Top 20 at least should be our players and theirs. However what the fuck is this obsession with Ryan Christie? First Hartson, now this. Highly overrated.
  2. I was angry about it being one of those Turkish tops as well. Clearly some occult magic shit woven into it. Never taking it off. 😂
  3. Ahem. Lucky top for MoTM. Clearly magic. Any win was good tonight. Qualified with a game to spare despite not being at our best, but we dealt (just about) with the problems they posed and got the job done. More perseverance tonight than quality but very glad to see us show it.
  4. Got it on now. If we win this game my top is clearly magic and I expect a medal for every trophy we win.
  5. Figured out why we were struggling. I've just realised I wasn't wearing my lucky Rangers top. We've been great every time I've worn it. Last times I didn't wear it were away to Livingston and Hibs so clearly a thing. Wasn't wearing it before and we've been shit today. My bad. 👍
  6. We look sluggish and aren't playing or pressing with the same intensity. Their tactics are really nullifying Tav and Borna and making the most of the spaces they leave behind. Need to shift tactics here.
  7. Will take any win tonight. Think it'll be a 1 or 2 nil job. Fancy Roofe to score again.
  8. Ross is a lightweight. Check him out in the Sunderland documentary. He would cave under the pressure. If its him I'd be far more confident than I am now about 55.
  9. I have a feeling it'll actually be O'Neill and Roy Keane if Lennon is sacked. Getting Bobo Balde out of storage as we speak.
  10. Favourite facts of the day: Rangers have conceded 9 goals in 23 games. Celtic have conceded 23 goals in 9 games (stolen from David Edgar). Celtic have been knocked out of three different competitions before Rangers have even lost a game this season.
  11. Had a bad game today but he's always showing for the ball and always trying to make the key pass, which shows a bit of courage when he's clearly off form. I'd be far more worried if he was doing a Nicky Law impression. Perhaps needs a bit more time to actually bed in. Easy to forget that it was relatively easier for him to make an impression earlier in the season, because practically everyone else was awful at the time.
  12. Happy with that. Killed the game early with some great goals and saw it out, though we lost control a bit in the 2nd half. Thought the young lad Dickson looked very promising though.
  13. This is what a decade with no challenge has done to them. The second a dominant-looking Rangers side shows up they lose their shit when they can't keep up. After 9 years of having everything handed to them. Self-entitlement and hubris personified. Everything they've feared for 9 years coming home to roost - their manufactured era of dominance is well and truly ending.
  14. In fairness, he never hides. Keeps showing for the ball and keeps trying for the key pass. I'd be far more worried if that disappeared.
  15. Obviously some players will not see Scottish Football as their dream option - but you can also safely say that Wilshere wouldn't get a bigger club than Rangers at this point of his career. His loss more than ours I would think. I'm sure he'll get a lucrative contract with an English club at some point.
  16. Also lost to Ross County lolololololololololololololololololol
  17. Saw their latest result there. Disappointing. They might actually sack him now. Lennon must stay.
  18. Celtic are not going into admin. The only reason we did is because we had a criminal in charge who specifically sought to put us in that situation, even with all our liabilities and debts. They're not run by people with malicious intentions and it would take ridiculous levels of incompetence for anything like that to happen. They are in a precarious situation though and may need to downsize. Their entire model relies on CL money or large player sales. If they can't make the group stages or make Tierney level sales every year they're going to post significant losses and need to get the wa
  19. He's one of the main reasons why we do so well. He drops deep to drag defenders out of position, creating space for Kent and Roofe, and all three of them interchange. Meanwhile Arfield or Aribo break beyond him, while the full backs attack the space left by Kent and Roofe. He's playing a selfless, thankless role that doesn't get him a lot of goals but makes the team so much better - Firmino with Liverpool is probably the cliche comparison. Playing like this is bringing out new qualities in him without it being well-suited to him, if that makes sense. On the one hand he's becoming far more
  20. He's clearly progressed as a manager throughout his time here, we've clearly progressed a hundredfold in the past three years year on year, this season has been almost perfect - but it's easy to forget that Gerrard is still learning, particularly at the level Benfica represent. That quality of team is a challenge he hasn't faced with us. He tends to default to Rafa Benitez tactics, which on the whole set us up for success in Europe, but it also means he can be overly cautious. He seemingly doesn't make subs because he doesn't want to upset the team or change things up in case it backfires.
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