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  1. I would rather we didn't have any of this. One game at a time. We shouldn't be considering ourselves title favourites or anything like that until it's the final stretch.
  2. Type of loser who is desperate to be seen as one of the 'decent' ones and quick to attack other Rangers fans, probably the type that prides himself on having Celtic supporting pals. What a cunt.
  3. tm91


    Looking back you're right. But we quickly reorganised, blocked off any incoming runners and forced Griffiths wide.
  4. tm91


    He locked them out. Only error was when he was done by Griffiths with his lack of pace, and he immediately forced Griffiths wide. He and Goldson were exceptional and together are a great pair, perfectly suited. Goldson leads and Helander mops up and keeps things secure.
  5. Someone post the Drifters. Fuck you orc cunts! Order restored. I love you Rangers.
  6. tm91

    Glen Kamara

    He was exceptional today. Kept Frimpong leashed, made the right decisions every time, carried the ball exceptionally well... Brilliant.
  7. Goldson hat trick please. Keep concentrating, keep managing the game. This is ours.
  8. Alfie started well but has lost his head again. I'd consider putting Itten on as early as possible. Otherwise we've controlled this game despite having less possession. Helander has shut up shop, Arfield playing well too.
  9. The one thing we're missing is a diehard in that team who clearly fucking hates them and is up for a scrap when it's required. Barry was perfect in that regard - a battler who had all the technical skills and footballing intelligence to also outplay anyone on his best day. Need a bit more hatred in the team generally.
  10. No idea if you're a genuine bear or a loser, but since December 2018: 1-0 - Beat them and deserved to win. 1-2 - Equal game, lost only due to stupid goal from a Tav error even after a red card. 2-0 - Beat them comfortably. 0-2 - Lost due to tactical errors from Gerrard. 0-1 - One of the most one-sided Old Firm cup final any of us have probably ever seen - Celtic are completely dominated but win due to a dodgy offside goal and 11 men behind the ball. 9 times out of 10 Rangers win that game. 2-1 - We beat them at their Chamber of Secrets and are the better side.
  11. I've decided we are going to win 5-1 and destroy these cunts. Kent is going to tear them apart. By Saturday I'll be nervous again but I'm enjoying the confident stage of the wait for an Old Firm game atm.
  12. I'd never be in the fucking house if I had a room like that.
  13. One of the joys of being half-Scottish and half-English is that I can support both teams. Equally, I can also hate both and hope they both get fucked. I support Scotland and/or England in any other sport, but in football I don't care. 2012 and afterwards killed any real interest I had in the Scottish National Team, and I'm too Scottish to tolerate the English National Team and all the bullshit around it. It's a shame in so much as I celebrated Scotland winning in France etc, but even then if I'm honest it was never like supporting Rangers anyway.
  14. The music sounds like it should be from a 90's fighting game or a WWF/WCW game and I enjoy that.
  15. I'm actually from the North East of England. I've actually lived and worked in Newcastle. They are no where near as big as Rangers or the Orcs and the idea that they are is laughable. They're unimportant historically and unimportant outwith the North East. The only metric in their favour is the historical quirk that means they are a one city club and don't have to compete for fans, so they are the only 'Geordie' club of any significance. Even then from South Tyneside downwards its Sunderland people tend to support.
  16. In fairness, Rangers fans don't seem to be as active on social media as other fans. Our pages on facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc are no where near as popular as you'd expect them to be. Whether that's because our fanbase is older or not I'm not sure. By contrast, it seems like there are Orcs fucking everywhere, yet we have more fans than they do.
  17. I'd normally assume Wilshire would be pie in the sky stuff but you could have said the same about Defoe before he signed. He might fancy being a key player for a big club with the prospect of trophies more than anything else at this point in his career, and obviously there's the Gerrard factor. We would also suit him as a player. It's a bizarre rumour but there might be something in it.
  18. I've gone into games as confident as can be and saw us get fucked. I've gone into games shitting it only to see us beat them comfortably. I do think we can beat them, but honestly I expect a draw. That said, I do have a feeling being without fans in that environment will favour us far more than them.
  19. Given the obvious worldwide situation, it's been a solid window. I would have liked that one marquee signing that was a clear improvement on what we have in centre midfield, but we might look back on this window in retrospect with some fondness. We got Hagi on a permanent deal, who has all the potential in the world and is already proving a really effective player even when he's not playing well. We signed Kemar Roofe, who really is a *very* good player who will walk this league if we can only keep him fit. Itten seems to have potential and is different to what we had before. McLaughlin a
  20. Woah woah enhancing the brand through a boys team is more the speciality of other Glaswegian teams you know
  21. Aye well they actually hand out the scores before the game mate so the tweets are pre prepared. If you have to leave the house today its 3-1 to the Establishment team today. 👍
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