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  1. 3 minutes ago, Sunglasses Ron said:

    So are you saying mate we just roll over and take it? We have to go after each and every one of them that is spreading these lies and prosecute them. 

    No I'm not saying that. I am agreeing with BridgeIsBlue that this isn't new and we shouldn't be surprised by it. It's never going to stop. 

    We box clever and keep fighting it, but we need to realise we're in a hostile climate here.

  2. 15 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

    We could've marched across that bridge hand in hand with flowers and boxes of celebrations yet still get slaughtered because it's us. 

    Have people honestly forgot that as soon as we were back on top this is the norm? The full country hating us :lol:

    If its not sectarian socks and wrecking sandcastles we're not allowed to sing Sweet Caroline anymore :lol:

    I do wonder if people have forgotten this. The media, SNP etc hate us no matter what we do. We could have all stayed inside and something like this still would have happened. We got this in the 2000s in particular, but even before when we were the 'establishment' club.

    They will always spin narratives to make us look bad because they hate the club on principle. If it's not violence its breaking lockdown, or litter. If not that, bad songs. If there's none of that, probably moaning about flags. If they're still lacking, literally just making shit up like claiming they can hear Fuck the Pope in a video.

    It doesn't have to be true, it just has to be reported consistently. By 2021 we should all know this by now.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Jamie0202 said:

    Kent is different class in our team. Mental that he's not even in the top 4 in terms of POTY. Needs to increase his numbers but he's incredibly talented with brilliant quick feet.

    Feel like he's taken a massive step up in the past few months, like everything has suddenly just clicked for him. I reckon he might well be winning all the awards next season if we can keep him.

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  4. A Rangers fan who stopped supporting us and now has a strange, ambivalent relationship to the club. Always thought Ferguson himself seems a bit torn about Rangers - went from bitter about how his time with us ended to Aberdeen to softening up a bit in his later years and going back to Ibrox again.

    Bit weird to have a kid supporting Celtic though. 

  5. I don't think we'll sell any of our sought-after players for less than 8 figure fees, and even then you're talking about £15m plus hopefully. We have to start selling for profit this summer, but if we don't get substantial enough offers there's not much point in selling some players at all - you end up not making as much profit as you might have planned for, weakening the squad unnecessarily and establishing that you'll sell your best players on the cheap. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, TamCoopz said:

    You got yours mate? Still waiting on mine from the first batch as well 


    47 minutes ago, The Hammer 11 said:

    Nothing mate , downloaded the tracking app and it’s not even been despatched yet I’m going to email them to chase it up, literally ordered it as soon as I got the email and feel like I’ve been shafted 😂

    I'm waiting on two arriving and not got mine, my sister hasn't had hers yet either. Happy to know others are waiting too. :lol: 

  7. We're going to need to get used to the idea that we need to sell for profit. That doesn't mean every player will necessarily be involved in that process. If you look at clubs like Ajax, Porto/Benfica etc, there is a core of players who remain at the club and a group who are very much there to be developed and then sold. The same will be the case with us and this summer we will need to sell at least one of our assets. They will be replaced in turn in an ongoing process that doesn't stop. Youth prospects like Patterson and hopefully, Leon King and Robbie McCrorie etc will also be part of this, whether as players to keep or to be sold.

    We are fortunate in that because of our hard work we know we've got CL money guaranteed the season after next if we win the league, so we can plan for that, but this summer is where that process of buy low, sell high will have to properly kick in, for the future sustainability of the club. It would have been last summer if not for the pandemic. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise but it can't be repeated. 

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