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  1. You know what supporting us is like at the moment?

    It's like a Football Manager career save once you're a few seasons in and it's all easy. Your team is playing shit hot football, you're thrashing every team you play, you always keep clean sheets, you have that one random player who is scoring every week and is so OP he has broken the game, but you still get irrationally very angry about that one time when you didn't win or conceded 3 goals to Benfica away.

    I fucking love life right now. Covid forever if I get to see this Rangers every game.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Lord Lockin said:

    what fuckin game were you watching - he misplaced 2 passes yes 2 every other pass was spot on, he's obviously playing to instructions and creating space for other players - all part of being a team player

    The same one as you. He's not scoring goals because he is playing more as a false 9, dropping deeper and creating space for Kent, Aribo, Roofe interchanging and Arfield making the run beyond. His work off the ball is great and is contributing to how brilliant we've been.

    However his build up play wasn't great and he made more than just two slack passes which resulted in potentially dangerous counter attacks. He needs to cut that out.

    I'm a big fan of Morelos but there has still been a noticeable difference in his performances in Europe compared to domestically. That might be because those games suit him more, but he seems more up for those games as well.

  3. 5 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

    I cant remember specifically but I think we had a decent lead in October/November but they had clawed it back and were ahead by February. I think they were four or five point clear when we had points deducted and the effectively killed the league. It’s a season I try to blank out in all honesty.

    We had a similar lead to now, with them having games in hand. We dropped a few points and then got beat at Mordor and were overtaken by December.

    Its difficult to judge because we don't know what was happening behind the scenes, or at what point the team or McCoist became aware of how bad things were getting while we were all still somewhat blissfully unaware. I'd be surprised if that didn't affect them.


  4. 35 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

    Perhaps that’s true to an extent but at the same time he left the club 22 years ago so there’s also going to be a decent proportion of our supporters now who won’t be old enough to remember Laudrup and another section who wouldn’t have seen him at all.

    We all watch the videos and highlights though and hear what older Bears say. It was the same for my generation as a 90s kid with the likes of Baxter and Cooper - certain players develop a myth about them and become the standard bearer that everyone else is defined by. Even if you haven't see Laudrup, you've seen the highlights on youtube, you've heard everyone who did see him tell you repeatedly he's the best player they've ever seen etc.

    Maybe better to say they want players of that class - Laudrup, Gazza, even de Boer etc. The quality of player we were used to has changed, but our expectations as a fanbase have not, and those expectations have been defined by the players we had.

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  5. 20 hours ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

    If he's quiet for 80-85 minutes then plays somebody in for a goal he's done his job no? 

    What is it people are wanting from him exactly? 

    They want Laudrup. He's spoiled an entire generation of the Rangers fanbase - the truth is that most attacking players are not as good nor as ridiculously consistent, but he's the benchmark we all unconsciously judge attacking players against.

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  6. On 14/11/2020 at 23:51, beararse said:

    Weird but I I have no recollection of that goal whatsoever. 

    The game itself was fucking woeful so that might be why. It was also roasting that day - that was the game Boyd had to come off because he was too hot.

  7. 1 minute ago, Drumloyal said:

    There's one good thing I can say about Hamilton today, they haven't done what most diddy teams do when getting pumped and start lashing out in frustration inflicting injury.  

    They're the shit that won't flush but in fairness to them, they always try to play football, they're never dirty, they keep trying. They're better than their hacking cunt rivals anyway.

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  8. He had a shit game. It happens. I'd rather it happened in a free hit in Europe against the group favourites rather than at Celtic Park or Pittodrie.

    He's arguably our best defender in terms of his anticipation and reading of the game, but we all know he lacks pace and can occasionally be clumsy. First goal is just a dumb mistake - that happens to every player, and he can't recover in time. Afterwards I thought the game became ill-suited to him - he would have been fantastic if we were up against it as we might have been without the red card, but that changed the game and suddenly we were in control and he had to protect against the counter. Thought Balogun might have been better suited to play in the second half to deal with that.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, dee9 said:

    This absolute myth that he's been miles off it is exactly that. 

    He's simply playing a different role to last season and he's doing absolutely fine. 

    Top performance tonight topped off with the record breaking goal. 

    There have been games where he has been off and he hasn't looked as interested so I wouldn't say it was an absolute myth, but you're right that ultimately he's doing alright - and in Europe where he's up for it he's as good as ever. He's playing deeper, almost as a false 9 and I think that is affecting people's perceptions a bit. It means he doesn't score as often, but it also means he brings other players into the game and the team is much better for it. Some of his passing tonight was excellent as well - you can really tell he's improved that aspect of his play.

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