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  1. 5 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

    Thought both CBs at fault there, Goldson quick to step out and vacated that space then Helander not quick enough to realise what was going on and Griffiths got the run on him


    Looking back you're right. But we quickly reorganised, blocked off any incoming runners and forced Griffiths wide.

  2. He locked them out. Only error was when he was done by Griffiths with his lack of pace, and he immediately forced Griffiths wide. He and Goldson were exceptional and together are a great pair, perfectly suited. Goldson leads and Helander mops up and keeps things secure. 

  3. One of the joys of being half-Scottish and half-English is that I can support both teams. Equally, I can also hate both and hope they both get fucked.

    I support Scotland and/or England in any other sport, but in football I don't care. 2012 and afterwards killed any real interest I had in the Scottish National Team, and I'm too Scottish to tolerate the English National Team and all the bullshit around it. It's a shame in so much as I celebrated Scotland winning in France etc, but even then if I'm honest it was never like supporting Rangers anyway.

  4. 3 hours ago, Henry1987 said:

    What are you talking about? Newcastle are a huge club and have a great history. Go around the world and as many, if not more football fans and non football fans will have heard of Newcastle more so than the old firm. Mainly due to the epl but that besides the point. Newcastle, their a huge club. Newcastle and both old firm are about level, all things considered. If we were in the epl we would be bigger, but we aren't and never will be. 


    Newcastle and the old firm are about level, all things considered. 

    I'm actually from the North East of England. I've actually lived and worked in Newcastle.

    They are no where near as big as Rangers or the Orcs and the idea that they are is laughable. They're unimportant historically and unimportant outwith the North East.

    The only metric in their favour is the historical quirk that means they are a one city club and don't have to compete for fans, so they are the only 'Geordie' club of any significance. Even then from South Tyneside downwards its Sunderland people tend to support.

  5. 1 hour ago, AlCapone said:

    The definition of being bigger is subjective. West Ham united have 3 times as many twitter followers as Rangers . Does that define bigger?

    In fairness, Rangers fans don't seem to be as active on social media as other fans. Our pages on facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc are no where near as popular as you'd expect them to be. Whether that's because our fanbase is older or not I'm not sure. 

    By contrast, it seems like there are Orcs fucking everywhere, yet we have more fans than they do.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Bristol loyal said:

    He was reportedly on £100k a week at West Ham, unless no one else will touch him because of his injuries then there’s no chance he’s coming here on a pay as you play deal or even for the wages we could realistically offer. 

    I'm sure Defoe was on an equally ridiculous wage at Bournemouth. It helped that they were obviously willing to keep paying him a portion of his wages but we came to a permanent agreement with him afterwards - that's one of the reasons why you can't really rule Wilshere out. I could also see why Wilshere would consider coming up here rather than getting another West Ham type contract with a lower-end EPL club where he makes up the numbers.

  7. I'd normally assume Wilshire would be pie in the sky stuff but you could have said the same about Defoe before he signed. He might fancy being a key player for a big club with the prospect of trophies more than anything else at this point in his career, and obviously there's the Gerrard factor. We would also suit him as a player.

    It's a bizarre rumour but there might be something in it.

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  8. Given the obvious worldwide situation, it's been a solid window. I would have liked that one marquee signing that was a clear improvement on what we have in centre midfield, but we might look back on this window in retrospect with some fondness.

    We got Hagi on a permanent deal, who has all the potential in the world and is already proving a really effective player even when he's not playing well. We signed Kemar Roofe, who really is a *very* good player who will walk this league if we can only keep him fit. Itten seems to have potential and is different to what we had before. McLaughlin and Balogun are solid and experienced back-up options. Bassey is young and clearly very raw but he looks to have a great attitude and clearly is strong and quick enough to be a good player in Scotland.

    I honestly have no idea how Zungu will fare. I hear he is more of a deep-lying player who can pick a good pass but is more aggressive than your likes of Davis, which in theory would be great, but his injury record is worrying.

    On the whole, we have far more quality in depth without necessarily buying that one player that is a clear improvement on what we had before (with the arguable exception of Roofe if he's playing on the right this season). We have two reliable keepers, clear depth at centre-back, numbers in midfield, and we've gone from two strikers, with one temperamental and the other 37, to 4. We've also kept all of our best assets while getting rid of those who aren't good enough (though I think we will regret selling McCrorie in a few years time).

    So solid without being incredible. 7, maybe 8 at a push.

  9. 4 hours ago, GersInCanada said:

    Wrong approach. They are basically a boys team. An opportunity to  enhance our brand.

    Woah woah enhancing the brand through a boys team is more the speciality of other Glaswegian teams you know

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