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  1. In fairness, Rangers fans don't seem to be as active on social media as other fans. Our pages on facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc are no where near as popular as you'd expect them to be. Whether that's because our fanbase is older or not I'm not sure. By contrast, it seems like there are Orcs fucking everywhere, yet we have more fans than they do.
  2. I'd normally assume Wilshire would be pie in the sky stuff but you could have said the same about Defoe before he signed. He might fancy being a key player for a big club with the prospect of trophies more than anything else at this point in his career, and obviously there's the Gerrard factor. We would also suit him as a player. It's a bizarre rumour but there might be something in it.
  3. I've gone into games as confident as can be and saw us get fucked. I've gone into games shitting it only to see us beat them comfortably. I do think we can beat them, but honestly I expect a draw. That said, I do have a feeling being without fans in that environment will favour us far more than them.
  4. Given the obvious worldwide situation, it's been a solid window. I would have liked that one marquee signing that was a clear improvement on what we have in centre midfield, but we might look back on this window in retrospect with some fondness. We got Hagi on a permanent deal, who has all the potential in the world and is already proving a really effective player even when he's not playing well. We signed Kemar Roofe, who really is a *very* good player who will walk this league if we can only keep him fit. Itten seems to have potential and is different to what we had before. McLaughlin a
  5. Woah woah enhancing the brand through a boys team is more the speciality of other Glaswegian teams you know
  6. Aye well they actually hand out the scores before the game mate so the tweets are pre prepared. If you have to leave the house today its 3-1 to the Establishment team today. 👍
  7. This is managing expectations. Better to say 2 years than 1 just in case. Vaccines will start coming out in 2021 - they are quite a few in the pipeline now being worked on by different labs. After clinical trials etc there'll be a few released. I would expect full(ish) crowds at some point towards the end of next year right now, although given how this year has gone the fucking Rapture might have happened by then.
  8. If he had pace he'd be playing for a top club in England, Spain, Italy or Germany. His play on the ball could probably be improved as well, but his positoniting, anticipation and general reading of the game is fantastic. He almost doesn't need that yard of pace because he reads the game well enough to more than compensate for it. Goldson brings a lot to the side, but Helander is our best defender.
  9. I'm happy with that group. Challenging enough but very doable without missing out on any special games against the English teams etc where it would be a real shame if the fans weren't there.
  10. tm91


    He's quietly effective. He falls out of games but is always capable of a moment of creativity that no-one else in the team is capable of - he has that vision to spot a pass and the technique to do it perfectly. The pass to Arfield tonight was perfect. He's been off-form recently and it's becoming apparent he's not got a great amount of pace, but we also saw tonight that Europe is his stage and these are his sort of games. Some of his passes, touches and movement was absolutely sublime tonight. You just know there is an absolutely fucking top-class player in there somewhere. Give him a few
  11. Btw I played two games on PES the other day - Galatasaray at Ibrox and Celtic away. Won the first 2-1... Won the second 5-1. Just saying.
  12. We scored some brilliant goals tonight by the way.
  13. Get players signed Rangers.
  14. What an achievement. Three years running. Great performance. Goldson, Helander, Tav, Arfield, Hagi all excellent, everyone fought for it tonight, even Alfie though he was off form. I fucking love following this club on nights like tonight.
  15. Right, control the game Rangers. Keep the ball.
  16. This is Hagi's stage. Some incredible passes tonight.
  17. Yasssssss. Also your city should be called Byzantium you cunts. I fucking love Rangers.
  18. Got stuck on traffic and missed first 20 minutes. How did we play?
  19. Would anyone in Scottish football do it for Rangers? Well we already know the answer to that. We're still dealing with the consequences of that answer. I'm open to other ideas, but fuck giving them a penny. If they can't survive, tough shit. It's not our job to look after Scottish football or the clubs in it that lack the resources to keep themselves going in a crisis.
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