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  1. Clearly we were worried about them and there was maybe a little bit of anxiety once they start looking more dangerous in the 2nd half. Clearly something to work on. Results like this are always useful for successful, winning sides if it helps them refocus and analyse where improvements can still be made. That said Benfica are a fucking good side. They'd expose the weaknesses of all but the top teams in Europe. They'd beat the Orcs comfortably without breaking a sweat.
  2. It'd be ridiculous to be too angry about tonight - the only reason we're even at this point excelling in Europe and outplaying teams like Benfica is because of the job Gerrard has done. This is a Champions League level side who have spent over £100m. They're really good, even when off form. That said, we've lost a 2 goal twice now, and the decision not to make subs was absolutely bizarre. Jorge Jesus changed the game when he made his and Benfica looked far more lively - and we tried to sit deep to compensate, even though we're at our best when pressing from the front. Learning experi
  3. Gerrard has been outdone here. They've changed the game with 5 subs and Gerrard seems too fearful to make even one.
  4. The more I watch him, the more I ponder one of life's enduring mysteries: How the fuck was Glen Kamara only at Dundee?
  5. Both teams should be. I genuinely believe this Rangers team would do well in the CL as well.
  6. Alfie is really causing them problems dropping deep here. We're doing really well here. Very well organised. Just need to concentrate and cut out any sloppiness- they're good enough to take advantage of just one mistake.
  7. These cunts are going mental over being behind in November with two games in hand and three Old Firm games left. Imagine if they'd had to lose away to Alloa or cup finals to Raith. 85% of them would have probably ended it and their club would cease to exist. This last decade of uninterrupted success against no genuine opposition has somehow ruined them even more. They got complacent and even more unable to deal with any sort of struggle or difficulty whatsoever.
  8. You know what supporting us is like at the moment? It's like a Football Manager career save once you're a few seasons in and it's all easy. Your team is playing shit hot football, you're thrashing every team you play, you always keep clean sheets, you have that one random player who is scoring every week and is so OP he has broken the game, but you still get irrationally very angry about that one time when you didn't win or conceded 3 goals to Benfica away. I fucking love life right now. Covid forever if I get to see this Rangers every game.
  9. It's the hair. You just know the guy must be a cunt. He's ridiculously fast but doesn't know what to do with the ball beyond run with it and shoot. Sounds familiar.
  10. The same one as you. He's not scoring goals because he is playing more as a false 9, dropping deeper and creating space for Kent, Aribo, Roofe interchanging and Arfield making the run beyond. His work off the ball is great and is contributing to how brilliant we've been. However his build up play wasn't great and he made more than just two slack passes which resulted in potentially dangerous counter attacks. He needs to cut that out. I'm a big fan of Morelos but there has still been a noticeable difference in his performances in Europe compared to domestically. That might be because
  11. I don't want to take credit but I only wear my Rangers top when we play. Every time I've worn it we've won. Just saying.
  12. My favourite three words in the English Language... Penalty to Rangers
  13. We had a similar lead to now, with them having games in hand. We dropped a few points and then got beat at Mordor and were overtaken by December. Its difficult to judge because we don't know what was happening behind the scenes, or at what point the team or McCoist became aware of how bad things were getting while we were all still somewhat blissfully unaware. I'd be surprised if that didn't affect them.
  14. Everything falling apart as soon as it gets to Morelos.
  15. Yasssss. That is why we signed him. Quality goal.
  16. Hedges is too fast for us to be that high. Might need to pull Tav and Borna back a bit like we did at the Chamber of Secrets.
  17. tm91


    Moving to Warrington within the next week. Anyone know if there is a RSC in the town or anywhere close? I imagine there's some in Manchester and Liverpool but was wondering if there's any closer. Cheers!
  18. Everything I've seen and heard from him recently has given me the impression that recently he's matured enough to really begin to improve significantly, and obviously his end of form was excellent. He works hard, he obviously loves the club, and he really prospered playing in his proper position with the likes of Naismith, Jelavic and Davis all interacting in some of the best attacking football I've seen us play for a while. No doubt playing with someone the likes of Jelavic is doing wonders for him - but he has to kick on now. The next season is make or break for him. He's got to do it on a c
  19. To be honest, I think the whole thing is a pipe dream by this point - while it'd be obviously great to see him in a Rangers top again, I'm highly doubtful it will ever happen.
  20. Am I right in thinking that both Hong Kong Rangers and the Rangers of Chile were inspired by the biggest club in Scotland?
  21. Brilliant young player. Was it true that we actually went in for him, and he came for a look-round to Murray Park?
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