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  1. Getting paranoid some tim has sold his soul to the devil for a Rangers injury crisis. Getting daft now!
  2. They're flat-track bullies. Annoying to see yesterday that Lennon seems to have reverted to the 3-5-2 as it works for them. Have a feeling this is going to take a 90 plus point season to get the title this year, which means the OF games will matter all the more. Gerrard has progressively gotten the better of them so there's reason to be hopeful.
  3. Jack has a consistent problem he's been playing through hasn't he? Even last year when he was on top form he was playing through injury. The rest seem to be bad luck. A real problem is something like how Roma have had 15 ACL tears in 6 years. We clearly don't have a problem like that!
  4. The lack of a thread is testament to how important silverware is in our perceptions. He's been a fantastic servant - rarely injured and always reliable. He has also improved significantly over his time here, has been uncommonly effective as a right back, and has been with us through times both good and very bad while always being willing to get up and keep going despite the setbacks. But he hasn't won anything since 2016, which for any Rangers player in any other era would be a damning statistic. If we win the league this season and a cup or two he will go down as a Hall of Famer and
  5. Yep, it's just the facade. Which is a good thing because otherwise they'd probably knock it down and build a big meccano set.
  6. What the fuck? That area already looked good with the wooden panelling. Too much modernisation can be a bad thing. Football stadiums are turning into soulless husks all over the world - one of Ibrox's charms is its traditional look. The oak panels were new enough but they contributed to that look. I'll try to reserve judgment for when it's finished but this already looks like shit and seems like it will age awfully.
  7. Barry Ferguson from 98-2003 was genuinely one of the best young midfielders in Europe. He was never the same after he went to Blackburn and got injured. It's a bit startling reflecting back when you realise how much he changed as a player, from a dynamic, intelligent box-to-box player to a holding, far deeper-lying water carrier type that was a bit of a waste of his talents in all honestly. He could have went on to do so much more. I was ecstatic when he came back but he was being lined with Liverpool and that ilk at that time, I'm sure.
  8. The problem was that he developed the yips wasn't it? I wonder if he feels he's found a way to get past that.
  9. tm91


    I didn't think so, cheers mate. Looks like I better get used to going to Liverpool or Manchester.
  10. Greatest Footballer of all time for Rangers: Laudrup Greatest Footballer of all time (all clubs) : Messi Greatest Rock Band/Star of all time : Queen Greatest Rapper/Rap Group of all time : Eminem Greatest lyricist of all time : Bob Dylan Greatest Movie of all time : The Empire Strikes Back Greatest Actor of all time : Leonardo diCaprio Greatest Comedian of all Time : George Carlin/Billy Connolly/Dave Chapelle
  11. tm91


    Moving to Warrington within the next week. Anyone know if there is a RSC in the town or anywhere close? I imagine there's some in Manchester and Liverpool but was wondering if there's any closer. Cheers!
  12. He's a good signing, no point pretending otherwise. We've also made good signings this year. As ever, we need to just focus on ourselves.
  13. From the sounds of it this is what pushed him over the edge - Suarez just got a brief phone call allegedly, Messi and him are close and Koeman is clearly a board stop-gap appointment anyway. He's not getting any younger and Barca have been run so terribly that they need a complete rebuild. It's not a surprise he wants to go, really. Their transfers have been illogical, they need new signings all over the pitch, and even La Masia isn't producing to the same degree. Messi has been dragging them to titles almost single handedly while things have gotten worse and worse ever since Xavi and Ini
  14. There's low-balling and then there's downright offensive, £6m for fuck sake.
  15. Quick way to get a good judge of someone is whether they say Rangers first or not - good guy or cunt?
  16. He's our best player. Morelos can dominate a game more, when Kent shows up he makes us a much better team, but Barisic is reliable. He's always at least 7/10, but more than that he consistently produces assists and some genuinely top-class crosses and passes. We'd miss him more than any other player. I find it a little bizarre how little attention he gets sometimes outwith our fanbase bar the odd praise by a commentator but I'm glad for it. He's arguably the best player in the league and I want him here for years.
  17. Picked this up again while I wait to move. Now in 2024. Morelos got injured and for some reason Haaland wasn't being playing at Man City and was available. Bought for £20m since I've made a few good sales. And then I fucked Atletico 7-0, I was 5-0 up after 30 minutes. Probably the best result I've ever had in any FM dating back to the old Championship Manager games. Then promptly got beat 2-0 by Hibs, which followed a 0-0 draw at Pittodrie. Suddenly, the league looked in trouble, but then... Yassssssss fuck you Orcs.
  18. As a kid, Laudrup was my favourite player because no shit he's God, but when he left it was Albertz, and then it was de Boer. Just a classy player. His 2002-2003 season is up there with any of the best players in our history. Ridiculous thing is that he wasn't even the best player we had that season. Also, threads like this make me appreciate how spoiled I was as a kid. My dad grew up during their 9 in a row years, my nephews have grown up in the past decade. I got 9 in a row and then the Advocaat and McLeish years. So many great players, games and memories.
  19. Went to this game with my Granda and spent all morning worrying because a win for them would have gotten them the title. I was shitting myself right until I got into the ground and realised it was one of those days where we're not going to let the fuckers have anything. Atmosphere was incredible that day - very much felt like us against the world. Not the best we've ever had, though.
  20. Losing Helander was a massive blow last season, at a time when we looked incredibly solid all over the park. The goals dried up after the christmas break, but we also lost stupid fucking goals.
  21. There are some right miserable cunts on here.
  22. Barker isn't a bad player. There's no way someone like Gerrard maintains such faith in him unless there's *something* there. He ripped us apart for Hibs a few years ago, City kept him for years, he has pace to burn, and sometimes shows a bit of cleverness with his movement. His problem isn't his talent, it's just that he doesn't seem to have what it takes to play for a club like Rangers. Yesterday summed it up - he was racing down the left and free of any defenders, and where we should have scored instead he shit the bed, froze up and somehow conspired to lose the ball. You could see later whe
  23. Its alright guys. We've just decided not to concede any goals instead. 38 clean sheets incoming.
  24. Comfortable performance but its frustrating that we seem to always be playing at 7/10 without stepping it up for long. Causing us problems now as it's only 2-0.
  25. Kent didn't trust Barker there. Some poor decisions in the final third. Should be 4 or 5 already.
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