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  1. To be honest, I think the whole thing is a pipe dream by this point - while it'd be obviously great to see him in a Rangers top again, I'm highly doubtful it will ever happen.
  2. Am I right in thinking that both Hong Kong Rangers and the Rangers of Chile were inspired by the biggest club in Scotland?
  3. Brilliant young player. Was it true that we actually went in for him, and he came for a look-round to Murray Park?
  4. You are a horrible, disgusting little troll. People of all creeds and colours support Rangers Football Club and it's something to be proud of. Such comments like those above are against the spirit of this football club and a prime example of the sort of bs steretotype certain people like to throw at us to win brownie points in an argument. Don't do it. As for FARE - this sort of stuff is beginning to actually persuade me that something more devious is happening, as opposed to the usual Old Firm tit-for-tat nonsense. I was at the PSV Ibrox game, and I couldn't hear much, if any sectarian singin
  5. Now I'm no great fan of organised religion but... seriously? .... What? But... I mean, they're not even... I don't even... What?
  6. I guess the typical answer would be Chelski and Hamburg, but really whoever takes his fancy. I also support - although no where near as greatly as Rangers, obviously - Barcelona ever since I got a strip of theirs when I was about three or four. Often support of other teams end up being like that. My English team is probably Boro, but only because it was my local team as a kid. As long as it isn't Man United though, eh? Maybe he should check out St Pauli?
  7. I'm usually one of his more harsher critics, but yesterday was one of his better games in the jersey. Not brilliant, but certainly, very effective. Who would have thought putting Lafferty at Right-midfield against what is probably their strongest player would prove to be such a masterstroke? Walter I salute you!
  8. Heading to this on Thursday, taking the girlfriend - her first game and my first European game! PSV are a very decent attacking outfit but we are always solid defensively in Europe, particularly in these sort of ties. We have to score first but if that doesn't happen, then shut up shop, keep things tight and try and attack on the counter when the opportunities arise. They're good in possession, so we have to make sure that we aren't sloppy when we get the ball - probably a naive hope but we have to keep the ball for as long as possible when we do have it. This is incredibly important. Too ofte
  9. http://www.universitystory.gla.ac.uk/biography/?id=WH17936&type=P All those who think he is aging, think again. Quite obviously immortal. :weir:
  10. What is this about the Spanish being simply better then us? Granted, some people have greater athleticism than others, but surely talent predominantly results on your understanding of the game and your tactical knowledge, self-awareness, your ability to utilise space on the pitch, the collective ability to utilise strengths and minimise weaknesses... Again, granted some people may just be smarter than others and therefore have a natural understanding of that sort of stuff, but surely those qualities to a large degree can be taught? The product of a good footballing education, whether in the st
  11. Fleck certainly has the technique. That much is obvious. He has ability. What he needs to prove is whether he has the mental qualities necessary to play for Rangers. Whether he can handle the pressure, whether he truly believes himself good enough - but part of that is surely having the knowledge that the management believe in you. I still have high hopes for Fleck and Ness as the lynchpins in the centre of midfield for a long time to come for Rangers.
  12. That's because they've negated the obvious and terrible bias against them. Y'see, Celtic are a special club. So special, in fact, that all things being equal Celtic should be winning every competition they ever enter ever. Why wouldn't they? They're a special club. The Irish Scottish Barcelona. But, sometimes Celtic don't win everything. Now this isn't because they weren't good enough to win competitions. Celtic are always good enough. It's a well-known fact that Leo Messi is using the Camp Nou as a stepping stone to the World's Greatest Club, and that Maradona's greatest regret was not weari
  13. First of all I guess I just find it baffling that you would instantaneously decide who was more "worthy" of support in that situation based simply on their skin colour or football affiliation. There are good guys who support the Second team in Glasgow and scumbags that support the Rangers. Second, I really don't think it is an overabundance of "political correctness" to call someone out on a statement like that. Race is an false construct, it doesn't really mean anything, it's just another means of pointless division. I don't want to sound cheesy or anything... but there's only one race and th
  14. I have family members that support Celtic. I'm probably not the only one. Football is not that important in the grand scheme of things. I could care less what team a person supports. Just like I could care less what political party they support - it's an irrelevance. "Hate" the football club because they are our main competition, yeah sure. Also, the bit in bold. Disgraceful thing to say. I happen to be a Rangers fan who if you saw me in the street, would probably look more like the latter then the former. Wonder if you'd side with me eh?
  15. FF is a joke of a board with TYRANNICAL MODS anyway. Rangers Media is much better. I don't really trust anything Walter says anymore. Either way though, if we don't get anyone in, I won't be too worried - if we have to win this title using youngsters more often to supplement the usual first team regulars then that's what we're going to have to do. Using the talent that comes from Murray Park is the way forward for Rangers in the current climate, and we're going to have to just suck it up and give them their chance eventually. Sometimes, as long as experienced heads are around of course, it's
  16. Yeah, pretty much this. Lee McCulloch isn't a defensive midfielder. He isn't good enough, he isn't clever enough, his positioning is poor, he doesn't react quick enough. It's great he's a Rangers fan and he accepted a pay cut but harsh reality is that he is a weak link and we are a poorer side with him in it.
  17. tm91


    A formation depending on a lone frontman depends on the individual you wish to play there. He needs to be able to hold the ball up if need be and bring others into the game. He needs to know when to hold the ball up and when to go for it himself. You need a clever player up there. Jelavic is someone who could prove an effective frontman in a 4-5-1. Kyle Lafferty simply isn't good enough to be utilised in that role. His decision-making is generally very poor, baffling at times. Hearts defended well today and held the line particularly well, but the truth is that Lafferty was offside far too muc
  18. Well, first the positives. Jamie Ness started off very well, he looks a great prospect. Becoming more and more obvious that we look a better side with Naismith - the Old-Firm game at New Year could have been very different if he was fit for it. Jelavic looked very dangerous. We started very well, dominated them, and played some very good passing football. We looked really up for it. Then we stopped playing that passing football and starting booting it up the park, which had me screaming in frustration. Sometimes you need to be patient, even to the very end if need be. In order to win games we
  19. A brilliant servant to Rangers and to the last the consummate professional. 'Mon the Papac.
  20. Eh, It's a massive risk, but it depends on what happens afterwards. Given that we've heard several times that we don't need to sell anyone, I'm taking this as Smith and Bain actively choosing to sell him. It would be good business if we manage to get Goodwillie. Wouldn't mind Leigh Griffiths either. As long as something is lined up to mitigate the loss of Miller. If the deal goes through, then cheers for the goals Kenny, you did far better then I and many others would have expected. In the end though, I think you'll miss Rangers far more then we'll ever miss you. You'll regret leaving us in th
  21. Maybe I haven't watched enough games but as far as I can see, nearly everyone tries to kick the shit out of Messi. It's not like they stand around in awe and admiration. He's just that good. Hell, Madrid's tactics last year pretty amounted to having five people mark and kick the shit out of him for 90 minutes. Of course, playing with two of the best players in the world in Xavi and Iniesta helps, but the man is sheer brilliance. He's destroyed English teams before. He would destroy the English league, which while competitive is constantly over-rated. Messi would walk right through most teams.
  22. Treacy could do a good job for us. As always when players are mentioned I google them and well, his wikipedia page... I mean...are we actually allowed to sign this guy?
  23. I might be alone in this but I've always preferred him on the right of midfield - he can be an attacking asset when he's on-form and his positioning isn't that great. Obviously given the lack of talent we have particularly in the full-back positions, I can't blame Walter for playing him there, but we have to get decent full-backs sometime soon. It's such an disadvantage with a converted centre-back on one side and average to poor players on the other.
  24. Well this was a bit of a trainwreck. Who is TrueBlue?
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