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  1. Went to this game with my Granda and spent all morning worrying because a win for them would have gotten them the title. I was shitting myself right until I got into the ground and realised it was one of those days where we're not going to let the fuckers have anything. Atmosphere was incredible that day - very much felt like us against the world. Not the best we've ever had, though.
  2. Losing Helander was a massive blow last season, at a time when we looked incredibly solid all over the park. The goals dried up after the christmas break, but we also lost stupid fucking goals.
  3. There are some right miserable cunts on here.
  4. Barker isn't a bad player. There's no way someone like Gerrard maintains such faith in him unless there's *something* there. He ripped us apart for Hibs a few years ago, City kept him for years, he has pace to burn, and sometimes shows a bit of cleverness with his movement. His problem isn't his talent, it's just that he doesn't seem to have what it takes to play for a club like Rangers. Yesterday summed it up - he was racing down the left and free of any defenders, and where we should have scored instead he shit the bed, froze up and somehow conspired to lose the ball. You could see later whe
  5. Its alright guys. We've just decided not to concede any goals instead. 38 clean sheets incoming.
  6. Comfortable performance but its frustrating that we seem to always be playing at 7/10 without stepping it up for long. Causing us problems now as it's only 2-0.
  7. Kent didn't trust Barker there. Some poor decisions in the final third. Should be 4 or 5 already.
  8. Also Roofe deserves a mention for his really clever movement. Even though he's only had two chances his off the ball stuff is causing them problems.
  9. Pretty dominant performance, had not to be pleased. All the better since we've looked like we're playing with the handbrake on most of the time. Good to see both our goals came from rebounds. That's what happens when you commit and get players in the box with crosses and long shots.
  10. Turnbull is a clever player and obviously seems to have a knack for getting goals but he doesn't seem to have much pace or be much of an athlete as far as I can see. In today's game that's obviously a massive liability. He looks like he has the talent and the brains but not the legs. Gerrard in particular wants players who can counter-press aggressively, and obviously top-level football now is very much about pressing and quick counter-attacking, so I imagine that's why we and English teams weren't interested.
  11. I'd forgotten how good that cross from Barisic was.
  12. celtic when they're told that Big Jock Knew:
  13. There's all sorts of strange rumours about the Orcs at the minute. All that stuff about players hiring their own coaches, Tierney being overplayed and told to play when he couldn't get out of bed, all their players wanting away. Doesn't seem like a well-run club at all right now. Definitely doesn't seem like a club firing for a historic season.
  14. Motherwell cost me fucking money because of that last-minute penalty. Useless cunts.
  15. I've posted a few times about the pressure of going for ten - it almost crippled a Rangers team managed by Walter Smith that had Laudrup, Gascoigne and Albertz in it. If they struggled, then this celtic side, who have stumbled into nine in a row due to the stars aligning for them, and whose fans have built this up in their heads since 2012, will be at least as susceptible, if not more so. They'll have that added fear and desperation, that shakier moment they haven't had previous years. This is why it's so important that we just focus on our own game every week and keep winning as you say
  16. Which one of you cunts stole my meme and posted it on reddit? Shocking stuff.
  17. Might be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the move to five subs this season, as Gerrard seems more inclined to take off the likes of Tav when games are won. He might end up getting 10-20 minutes spells quite a bit - which, at 18, is a good and easy way to introduce a player into the team and get them settled and comfortable, particularly given that the crowds might not be back for a while. He definitely looks a good prospect.
  18. If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and watch Sex Education on Netflix. She's like fine wine.
  19. The issue isn't the quality - which is fine, though I wouldn't say I was personally overawed by the material or the fit or anything. The issue is that they have been selling tops for the same price that are of superior quality because they have been manufactured elsewhere. Beyond that this is pretty amateur-hour stuff in itself, this is clearly unacceptable, because people shouldn't be receiving a different quality of product when they are buying the same product for the same price. If you're in a restaurant and you and your wife each buy a steak, and you get one that's fine enough, but y
  20. Holy shit. I didn't think it would ever get this far. Inter have been rumoured for a while now but it's got to be City hasn't it?
  21. Definitely think he might end up in Italy, perhaps at Milan. In other news supposedly Barca are after Lautaro Martinez, because the Bartomeu board have learned precisely fucking nothing.
  22. I got this email from Castore. Who the fuck are they kidding?
  23. I'm morbidly curious who it is they'd go after next. Maybe Kent, but he seems like the type that play better in that situation.
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