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  1. If I could be confident that he'd be at Rangers for a good few years I'd say Bougherra, but as it is... Probaby Davis, given how important he is to the team. Or maybe Kenny Miller. Reckon there won't be too fans many disagreeing with that.
  2. I'm just happy we've signed someone.
  3. Laudrup is only 41 Walter....
  4. Naismith was a great improvement in the Sydney tournament from what he has been serving up since he came to Ibrox, as the tour seemed to give him a bit of confidence. I only hope he doesn't get shunted real wide left again into a position that doesn't suit him...Maybe this will be the year he shows us his ability and what he can possibly do. Obviously don't want to speak too soon but I'm really hoping that this will be Naismith's year - I've always rated him. He hasn't had much luck and being played outwide doesn't help, but I really think he could still turn out a quality player up front
  5. Listening to the radio when Gazza sealed 8 in a row with my dad, I must have been about five at the time. Second earliest would be the Albertz free-kick when we beat them 3-1.
  6. tm91

    Jamie Ness

    Speaking of comparisons and Football Manager...
  7. He was a decent player but nothing particularly special. According to Smith, the finances are that stretched at the moment that we can't afford to take on 'bit-part' players - although this is probably just media talk, no thanks anyway.
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