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  1. Not quite as mental as some of these stories, but the funniest I can remember off-hand that I actually witnessed is the time one of the dumber girls in our class tried to be funny and made an absolute cunt of it. In the middle of PSHE, someone gets in trouble and is told to go to the Headteacher. This idiot then tries to get a laugh by humming the funeral march, but she made a cunt of it and sang out the Imperial March/Darth Vader theme instead. The entire class ignored their many differences and all - from popular wankers to nerdy bastards to bitchy girls to loners were united in laughter. It
  2. So the Rock was at RAW filming something for a film of his - (something about the history of Paige's family; they were re-enacting Paige's debut in the WWE against AJ Lee) - and he ended up phoning CM Punk right in the middle of the ring during a promo after the show. If Punk came back I'd start watching weekly again. Maybe this is the start.
  3. Holy shit. Imagine having a life so deficient in quality, joy and meaning that you end up making something like this! Tactics as old as time, though, really. Say that everything is against you so that when you do succeed, your achievements stand out even more, because apparently everything is against you so obviously, you must be really, really, really good to get past all the disadvantages. When you don't succeed, you have a ready made excuse - it's all because of the "pyoor H** stablishmen' so it is." Always cheated, never defeated, sectarian morning, noon and night - the Celtic w
  4. Down piggery way if you're not one of theirs or willing to buy in wholeheartedly into their schtick you're never going to be truly appreciated (and they call us sectarian). Combine that with their constant downsizing recently and it's nailed on to be an ex-player admired by their braindead fanbase - it'll be Lennon, Stubbs, Larssen, maybe even Lambert. Rodgers is too good for that job; he'll wait. Moyes might fancy it if he can't get the Villa job but fuck him, he's shit and he plays awful football, we would do him.
  5. Anyone seen this? Pretty funny for the most part, some might not like it but I nearly died during the Cena parts. It's also actually a pretty good analysis and defence of professional wrestling as a medium for storytelling (with a really interesting take on one particular wrestler from a creative, 'in-universe' perspective). It also has a splatter of famous actors and the like:
  6. Someone posted this? Pretty apt summation, I'd say. FEEL HIS RAGE. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2iohdo_my-movie
  7. He's already wrestled and everything. Due to be in the Main-Event too....
  8. Decent Raw... His finance going mental on facebook apparently. Oh Seth....
  9. Real-time, live break-up, during RAW and everything. Mental scenes.
  10. I'm officially in love with the WWE Network. Not enough episodes of RAW and Nitro there but there's enough content, old and modern to watch for years. Also I really wish Sting would come out to this again: Edit: Look how much better this is:
  11. I only really want to see one last Undertaker match as a retirement bout and a chance to properly say farewell to him. I'd imagine next year's WrestleMania is as good as any - they have to sell 100,000 tickets or something stupid don't they? This might just be the Taker mark in me, but I'd love it if he showed up randomly at the Rumble next year and won it. Announce WrestleMania as his last match win or lose, and you've got the natural storyline about whether the old man can do it one last time - whether he can win one last time at WrestleMania. You can have him go out walking into the sunset
  12. http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2015-01-26/xl-center-postpones-raw-until-thursday-27044658 Official confirmation. Wonder what they'll do to fill the three hours? Best-of? Well, we know one thing. They've got to make Roman look really really strong.
  13. Apparently RAW has been cancelled due to extreme weather in Connecticut - there are travel bans in place and everything.
  14. Don't suggest that - I'll be disappointed when it doesn't happen now! Great to see DDP and Bubba back, btw. Also, I forgot to mention the single greatest thing about the show tonight: That cover by Paige.
  15. I wonder if they'll end up putting Bryan into the title match again - I could see a fatal four-way with Reigns, Lesnar, Bryan and Rollins, maybe? Ambrose would end up the odd man out (assuming Cena faces Rusev) which would be a shame but if they have actually booked themselves into a corner for the second year running - D-Bry to the rescue!
  16. I really enjoyed the title match but I'd agree wholeheartedly - the WWE have been awful for a good while now. Not just typical autopilot average but actual boring, head-shaking dross - such a contrast to WrestleMania 30, which was excellent and after which I was so positive about the future as far as they were concerned. I'm starting to believe the stuff about Vince really being completely past it. They are the most annoying entertainment company around - they'll give you absolute diamonds every now and then - fantastic television that reminds you why you keep on watching - and they possess so
  17. Yep. Bad enough with the character changes they've forced on him, but pushing him before he's ready when the fans - or at least the particularly vocal ones - want to see others in his spot risks making Reigns suffer from the sort of shit Cena has to put with. They'd have had nothing to lose from running with Bryan or whoever else this year and putting Reigns on the backburner until he's good and ready. It's kinda like Rocky winning the Rumble and going for the title at WrestleMania 14 instead of Austin - not that Bryan is as over as Austin or Reigns as obvious a star as the Rock but you get my
  18. See the Rock's face when he heard the boos as he was hoisting up Reign's arms? Rocky's putting Reigns over heavy atm on the postshow. Poor guy's going to need it if the boo boys set their sights on him. It'll be curious to see what happens with Bryan now - I guess they'll try for Bryan/Sheamus again unless the fans really start moaning again.
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