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  1. Half expect Itten to get a second yellow for something dumb.
  2. We're never getting any decisions off Clancy. Every 50-50 will go against us today.
  3. Brophy puts the fear right into our centre backs.
  4. Walter confirming he did actually get sacked in October 97. Has that been explicitly confirmed before?
  5. Looks like a 4-2-3-1. Kamara and Jack split up so that Davis can ping balls in that quarterback style (in theory at least), with Barker, Kent and Roofe interchanging behind Itten. I have no idea why Gerrard is so stubborn in his faith in Barker but I won't criticise until I see how this plays out.
  6. My mum's from Reading and now I feel ashamed of her just by association.
  7. At a time when we're always one bad day from listing all of the things wrong with the running of the club, it's great to be able to say that at least we are continuing to respect traditions and are actively trying to retain our history. Looks like they've done a decent job of trying to retain the old look while modernising. It's particularly important given how much other clubs are willing to dispense with their old historic stadiums.
  8. Reckon it'll be a draw or a narrow 1-0. Killie are not the team to face right after a 0-0 where you could have played the game 3 times over and still not scored. I'm really not confident at all.
  9. I would suggest there is a section of the fanbase who will never ever criticise and are perfectly happy to accept whatever they're given - some people just don't take things that seriously, and others just like to appear super staunch and loyal to the 'official' line no matter what. FF in any case is always a bit weird. Groupthink Loyal. It's a testament to how much of a mess this situation is that they're losing their shit on there as well.
  10. Castore haven't accidentally had better-quality tops with better material made have they? That would encapsulate this entire day perfectly.
  11. These games are far better as straight knockout ties rather than over two legs.
  12. Well I wouldn't want a short life I suppose.
  13. If you're going to get outraged at this sort of stuff it's going to be a long, long season for you bud.
  14. This is tim-level pettiness. Dumb thread.
  15. tm91


    Guy's barely had a chance. He looks perfectly decent to me. Physical, tries to hold the ball up, moves well, has created a couple of opportunities. Give him time to actually gel with the team and deal with Scottish football. Serious question - has anyone ever been not been subject to any of this bullshit from the beginning, bar your huge signings like Gazza? Hateley was obviously disliked for a while and McCoist famously had the entire crowd telling him to get to fuck against Dundee. And as is always being brought up recently, Borna has gone from piss-poor to probably our best play
  16. Surprised Warburton isn't interested in taking him to QPR. Exactly his sort of player. I don't mean that as a compliment.
  17. tm91


    Easy to forget he's only 21. Players that age, particularly attackers, often blow hot and cold with periods of inconsistency - the important thing is that Hagi often shows a creativity and an ability to spot a pass that can't be easily taught. He's clearly got quality. He's not been great at all since the season started, but I don't think the way we set up gets the most out of him. He's not a particularly mobile player and struggles to close down effectively, and yet he's being asked to play as a fluid number 10 in a high-pressing team. I'm going to sound like an FM wanker here, but seems
  18. Starting to think that Gerrard is perfectly suited for a mid table English club. Two holding midfielders, clean sheets above all else, ball retention over chance creation, teams that only play well when they can counter on the break - perfect manager for a Crystal Palace... but not any team that actually wants to win anything.
  19. This drove me mental yesterday. You've got a team camped out 18 yards from their own goal. There's no space to get a shot off. Why wouldn't you just run at them, commit their defenders, and lure them in for fouls? We did that *once* and got a free kick that would have went in if not for the keeper. Why isn't Kent running at players in or around the box? Why aren't we trying to win penalties and set pieces? Ball retention and recycling possession at 0-0 when you're Rangers in the SPFL is fucking pointless, and yet that's precisely what we focus on when faced with a low block. Its slowly dr
  20. Yesterday's game disappointed me precisely because it was confirmation that nothing has changed. Its the same old mistakes everytime. You could tell five minutes in that we weren't going to score unless it was a lucky break or a set piece. We've seen those games far too often not to conclude that Gerrard and his team lack the solutions to that problem. The pandemic may or may not have saved Gerrard from the sack, but it undoubtedly spared him from any sort of reaction by the fans. He won't have any cover this time. More dropped points and the pressure will quickly get unbearable. If he d
  21. Doesn't listen, never learns, too stubborn. Today is a microcosm of all our faults.
  22. Awful. Should be ashamed of themselves but they won't be.
  23. Not enough urgency. Looks like they've accepted the draw. Awful performance, awful game.
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