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  1. Barker fucking hell. Hopefully Roofe makes the difference.
  2. Controlled the game well enough but just a boring game. Livi will defend in numbers and just boot it up at every opportunity. Would like to see us go for it and put on Roofe and Itten early on in the second half for Arfield and Kamara.
  3. There's a reason for that. We would destroy any team in this league that tried to play football bar the Orcs, and even then we dominate games against them more often than not.
  4. I can see his point. O'Sullivan had clearly gotten into that reckless mindset where he was hoping for the best and didn't give a fuck if he lost or not. There was one instance in particular when he went for a long blue on a whim when he should have rolled behind the yellow that summed that up. He wasn't deliberating over the snookers at all, there were at least three times he immediately went for the quick and powerful shot escape. Bit of sour grapes going on as well though. Selby is a master tactician and probably the best player of his generation and Ronnie completely shut him out at t
  5. Was watching the snooker and just saw the result. Expected a Bayern win but fucking hell Barca are a shambles. If Messi walks they will collapse for years.
  6. Pretty sure 'Tell us Never' was the entire philosophy of the celtic Board and Big Jock for thirty years. Maybe they should steal this tagline from Liverpool as well.
  7. Annoyingly, I only got to see McCoist live once as I was a kid in England during the 90's. It was some stupid legend's game at St James Park in Newcastle that was done by Sky or something. Anyway it was 2-0 - Super Ally got both goals. Because of course he did!
  8. Love the guy, love the player. He was a poor Manager and he drove me mental when he was the boss, but he's still probably in the top 3 of the greatest Rangers legends ever.
  9. Wonder what team he supports. It was a shocking challenge. There were a few bizarre decisions - the challenge on Roofe, the penalty that wasn't given for Itten...there was one moment in the first half where one of their players pretty much jumped on Hagi's back and dragged him down like he was doing a fucking wrestling move or something and the ref didn't give anything for it. Aribo also got dragged and his shirt pulled at one point and the ref gave a free kick against him. Bizarre.
  10. Astounding how much better life looks just because the Rangers win.
  11. Professional performance. Game died when Jack and Aribo went off. Will take that. Slow and steady progress. We all want goals but reckon the team was already looking to Sunday by managing the game out. Hagi not quite at it yet but it'll come. Barisic really is a fanastic player. 7 goals, none conceded, goals coming from across the team. Minutes for Roofe and Itten looks like a different and useful option. Have to be pleased with that.
  12. Annoying because we want goals but it looks like good game management- keeping ourselves for the weekend. Have to concentrate though! Great challenge by Helander there.
  13. Not quite at it yet for Hagi but he's making clever runs and good passes. Sure he will win us games this year.
  14. Like the look of Itten. Seems like a proper target man.
  15. 4 subs. Fucking hell who is this and what have they done with Gerrard?
  16. Game over. Lets really twist the knife now Rangers.
  17. I think you'd describe that a professional performance. Winning without really playing well. I suppose that is a good thing - Walter's teams were experts at that and its important for long seasons.
  18. Aribo and Hagi with great forward passes, typical perfect cross from Borna, great finish from Kent. Exactly the sort of incisive direct football you want to see.
  19. Easily to forget he's only 21. Very few players that age don't fall in and out of games. He will learn how to use his talent to dominate matches.
  20. Kent is clearly trying to be more direct down the wing from time to time. Also tries to peel off throughout the middle off long balls. Good to see us changing it up through him as well.
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