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  1. Did someone mention "round".... sorry i need to go, ive got a meeting. Are you making Tuesday?
  2. LOL, if you were 8, it shows how good i was, playing junior football at 11. I was then and remain the best keeper in our street :-)
  3. Yes, i dont quite know what happened but he approached us to consider his return which of course we were more than happy to do.
  4. Guys just a bit of background to this for those who dont know - Garry Lynch was a huge Rangers fan known the world wide, he followed Rangers at almost EVERY age group and produced match reports for the various fans forums. I grew up with Garry and he followed my playing career in the juniors which took a similar track to his sons Garry junior although i was about 10 years older. When he wasnt watching Rangers he would be at EK, Larkhall and eventually Cambuslang as bot Garry and i played with the same clubs overlapping along the way. He was a huge Cambuslang Rangers fan and when i eventually took over as Manager he was a great source of advice, occasionally i might not like what i was hearing but i knew it was forthright, honest and constructive criticism and occasionally complimentary :-) Garry passed away in 2009 and his funeral was attended by many Rangers staff past and present, which was a huge compliment to his status within Ibrox. The Lynch family and Garrys friends wanted to have a lasting tribute for Garry and a memorial raffle draw for Rangers Rising Stars was rolled out which raised a world record £45, 000 for a one off sporting raffle. Young Garry and I really wanted to do some form of memorial event, but never in our wildest dreams would we have envisaged the original 4 team tournament turning into an annaul event. It must be stated that Rangers have been absolutly terrific to deal with and have been only too happy to continue the event in Garrys memory. Probably one of the proudest moments for myself personally, outwith the game itself, was being on the pitch at Ibrox in the opening fixture a couple of years ago to present Rangers Academy with a cheque for £2000. It was a desire of the Lynch family that proceeds should be shared between Cambuslang and Rangers Rising Stars which we have continued to support through all previous 3 games. Every year the event seems to grow as those who attend seem to spread the news of a great family atmosphere all doing something we love to do and honouring the memory of a true gent and friend. This year will be no different, and starts with a 4 team 2003 tournament with Scotland BC (which includes no less than 5 Rangers kids) fresh from winning the prestigious Barca tourny (again very many thanks to rangers for allowing them to attend). Rangers Supporters BC, Drumsagard BC and Aston Villa BC. Finally thanks to everyone who has attended and a warm welcome awaits new friends, and i think its fair to say those involved really do mean the Garry is gone but will never be forgotten.
  5. Thats plenty Isa ..LOL As you see i have added the FAT in front of the Cat now....only cos its a smoother name than the slightly chunky overweight but incredibly handsome cat
  6. WHIT!!!!! It as banner headline on follow follow for two months, there were threads on here and in follow follow about it. The Reformer, Evening Times and Sun all carried articles about it and every shop and pub in Cambuslang had paosters up about it. You must be blind man :-) You can come next year, Rangers have agreed it will be an annual event.
  7. GARRY LYNCH MEMORIAL TROPHY CAMBUSLANG RANGERS V RANGERS SUNDAY 24TH JULY 2PM KO SOMERVELL PARK CAMBUSLANG Guys just a reminder, please give this your support in memory of a huge bluenose.
  8. True story, i put on a £10 accy 2 seasons ago Cambuslang Rangers Rangers Berwick Rangers QPR Kilsyth Rangers And Kilwinning Rangers. All came up except Kilstyh who drew 3-3 after being up 3-1. Done me for nearly a grand.
  9. Yes mate, first league games are 23rd and 24th July. I beleive the first Champs league games are 26th and 27th July thats whay we feel it would be safe to assume they will not want to play a Sunday league game followed by a Tues champs league game.
  10. Cambuslang Rangers are delighted to announce Rangers will be sending a team to defend the Garry Lynch Memorial trophy they won last year. The game will take place on SUNDAY 24TH JULY 2pm KO at Somervell Park Cambuslang. Those who came last year had a great time and hopefully we get the same level of support this year. It is a fitting tribute to such a huge Rangers and Cambuslang Rangers fan. Please come along and give us your support.
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