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  1. Not when I'm on, it it's all about what I want.
  2. Smile


    It's why Roofe was bought to give us more intelligent movement upfront and to link up better. Morelos cannot play like Roofe and Roofe cannot play like Morelos.
  3. Roofes goal was fantastic we should just leave it at that and not try and compare it with other great goals.
  4. Greg Stewart as well but he's not really featured at all.
  5. I assumed he had I'm sure I read it somewhere could just be something I read on another forum and not confirmed.
  6. Agree Arfield retiring from Canada will help and Davis just looks like he's rolling back the yers just now. Yes, Beales seems to be a very good tactical coach.
  7. It's a bit like last night I though Helander and Davis should have started instead of Balogun and Jack who I thought may not be fit it shows the depth of squad to leave out those two very good players.
  8. I had actually forgot about Zungu.
  9. Players are getting more familiar with each other game and the coaching staffs game plan for matches is trusted now as all the players see it works and are behind it.
  10. I must have watched that goal 100 times now it's fantastic will be talked about for years and years.
  11. Gerrard and his backroom team have done fantastic work this season also the players know their roles in the team better and have all got to know each other games more. There will still be some mistakes/fuckups as Gerrard is learning management as he goes but you can see real improvement now.
  12. The thing is we have not missed him gives you the idea of our strength this season, you thought we would have as he was one of our standout players in the early games.
  13. I thought the game was going to get stopped at one point it was just one giant puddle, we coped with it better than them and I thought they were easily one of the best teams we have faced. Was a tremendous result.
  14. It's the work he did beforehand to get the goal and the vision to try it.
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