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  1. Remember they humped us in a pre-season friendly I was at.
  2. Always a sure fire way to an injury.
  3. Mols hurt himself trying not to stand or injure Kahn.
  4. who's playing?
  5. It's hatred for Rangers that clouds what a fantastic achievement Gerrard did, sad and funny how much this hurts them.
  6. Health minister now, makes you laugh how these cretins get jobs.
  7. You believe what you read in the papers I had a good day and witnessed no trouble at all just joyous celebration which I would not have missed. There was obviously some trouble like you get at any event but its being overblown by cunts who hate us.
  8. He's marshalled that great defence and those surging runs to nowhere are great as well.
  9. Disgusting tonight Alex Rae just bent over and the boy who states he's an ambulance driver is questionable.
  10. Its just I feel as I'm sure everyone else does he's the wrong one to preach anything to anyone.
  11. Next they will be stating they have joined the KKK and the Politicians and media will run with it.
  12. I always like an add on it's what makes the song for me, after all what's the wee gap in the songs for.
  13. I've seen more trouble outside the pub than I witnessed at the weekend.
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