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  1. Striker and a midfielder weak down the left hand side at times as Kent goes inside too much and Bornas left chasing shadows.
  2. The filth are only putting this shit out to deflect from not being able to get a shite manager in Howe.
  3. A scumbag who backs racists as long as it's against Rangers players.
  4. Great he's saved us so many points this year also like the look of McLaughlin as back up.
  5. What we need to stop is the two players Goldson/Helander in the box with McGregor both on the 18 yard line playing pass back and forward and inviting pressure onto us, did not work for me.
  6. Disappointed by how we played yesterday containing teams is always a daft move, very happy with the result. second half much better when we made the changes.
  7. They should hire James Devine from just us tims as their PR man.
  8. I would have taken Kent off earlier and Kamara both did not look at it today. Poor game to watch good goal by Morelos who was unlucky to be subbed.
  9. Push Aribo further forward take Hagi off an put on Arfield and replace Balogun with patterson.
  10. Too many of our players did not turn up, we have had a great tournament overall and did better than we all thought.
  11. Clever from Hagi and good to see Helander react as our other front men had switched off.
  12. The boy running off celebrating.
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