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  1. Time to get rid of the players who do not want to be here either sign or sell.
  2. Maybe if Morelos or his agent kept their mouth shut there would be none of this, sadly that is not the case.
  3. Balogun not playing was stupid.
  4. What's he going to say Gerrard and Beale pick on him and Rangers are shite, he's made no secret he wants away and thinks he's too good for the SPFL no secret at all. I have tried to help you understand but it now seems pointless.
  5. The 25-year-old revealed on Colombian radio that he was very happy with the Gers but still hopes that the opportunity to move on comes up “soon” [El VBar de Caracol Radio]. Simple enough to understand.
  6. You do not seem to understand simple things I feel I cannot help you with that.
  7. You need some help on understanding the press quoted from a radio interview so there is no ambiguity. If you cannot understand that I cannot help you.
  8. You do know how radio/media works a player makes a comment the press report said comment.
  9. Stop playing the fool its childish.
  10. The 25-year-old revealed on Colombian radio that he was very happy with the Gers but still hopes that the opportunity to move on comes up “soon” [El VBar de Caracol Radio]. At least be honest nothing worse than a dishonest poster.
  11. He's not as bad as everyone stated he did quite well I thought, Roofe as an experienced player should have offered more.
  12. The press got the story because he did an interviewiwth El VBar de Caracol Radio stating that.
  13. What's nonsense about it he was quoted in the press while on international duty wanting a move, he also stopped Aribos shot going into the goal. We need to have a squad who want to be here I include Kamara and Goldson in that if they do not sign contracts.
  14. Roofe was awful Sakala had a much better game, Sakala seems an easier target than Roofe. Everyone knew Sakala would be work in progress.
  15. We need better goalscorers its been the case for a while.
  16. Morelos seems to have his eye on his next move rather on what's happening at Rangers. Morelos yesterday contribution was to stop Aribo's goalward shot going in.
  17. Offered more than Roofe did yesterday the problem we have is stopping goals going in Balogun should have played instead of Simpson.
  18. You are expecting too much from a player on only his second start.
  19. Balogun should have played Simpsons never impressed me.
  20. Yes, chased lost causes as well and put pressure on the Motherwell backline, second half everyone in our team gave up playing and we conceded.
  21. Total nonsense, You are really slating a guy in only his second start who scored for us today as the distance he scored from annoys you, arsehole behaviour.
  22. Yes, Roofe missed a sitter today I thought Sakala and Wright did well and for once we had some pace upfront but second half we were awful.
  23. He still showed the boy onto his stronger side to score I dont see why we are not starting Kelly he looks a real player. Gerrards needing to show some faith in the young players.
  24. When you watch the game back you realise we were not as bad and did create good chances they took the chances they had and got a bit lucky with the second goal. Our players are needing to have a wee bit more belief in themselves.
  25. Yes. he is off form but he is still creating and working hard it's just not happening. it gives Wright a real chance or even the elusive Bacuna.
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