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  1. Yes, makes you feel more part of it when you are at Ibrox when they parade the trophy, But sadly football not like that now.
  2. I always usually go along when we win the league its a great party banging on the hoardings and singing like fuck, changed days now sadly with the covid.
  3. They will not open the stadium up as they have done in previous years when we win due to covid always a great atmosphere when you got back to Ibrox and the players run out to be applauded.
  4. Looks very good every time he comes on unfortunately for him Tavs been excellent as well so will get limited game time.
  5. Played well when he came on good link up play with Jack.
  6. Yes, its horrible she has those teeth that would catch on your nob as well.
  7. Helander use of the ball much better but as you say Baloguns been great at us.
  8. This is great stuff credit to Ross County as well but also a bit naive coming to play against us rather than sit in.
  9. Best we have played for a while Morelos Kent Aribo all playing really well.
  10. Just not been doing it at all in games but has still been getting the odd assist here and there seems to be lacking confidence against teams that sit in.
  11. C'mon even the most ardent Morelos supporter can see this season he's not be very good at all, excellent game against Aberdeen then back to the same old form that's not been good enough this year. Fair enough if you disagree.
  12. Kents in for workrate rather than the way he's been playing which has been very poor.
  13. No ones saying he didn't but that doesn't get him a free pass every week.
  14. I was hoping to see Itten with Roofe for this and Morelos and kent benched, both are getting it too easy just now both need to improve.
  15. Ittens just made for Barisic crosses.
  16. Agree, We wont always win games of football we are exceeding the expectations I had at the start of the season.
  17. Peter who heads celtic the SFA and the SPFL approved it.
  18. I know that I just wanted to be the 100th person to say it.
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