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  1. You're all a bunch of fucking morons who can't spell. User 1873Graeme banned! Banned from: Topic: Can we tackle the REAL problem? Ban reason: abusive beyond the pale as a newbie he's too argumentative NOT to be a Nonce FC fan. yes - an Earl Haig if ever I've seen one. Banned Banned until: 15 April 2011 - 12:17 PM
  2. Someone ban this cunt. Do you know the rules of this forum?
  3. You're a moron. Seriously, how old are you? 12?
  4. NO. NO. NO. NO. Stop telling me to fuck off when i agree with you most of the time.
  5. Fuck off and die you fat fenian cunt.
  6. Aye, well I was born in Paisley and now I live in Maryhill.
  7. Seriously, no fuckin idea what's going on... Fucking MWI.
  8. Reported for being a Proddy Orange Bastard
  9. You look like a fuckin paedophile btw. Look at the state of you.
  10. My employers at the Times sure as hell thinks my opinion is worthwhile. I'll continue to write false things about your club as long as it makes me money. I don't give a fuck.
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