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  1. An element of them will probably be wanting to go and win and dedicate it to Christian though. Totally get where you're coming from mate and I'm not a doctor but I do remember Puerta walking off the pitch before collapsing again in the dressing room and dying
  2. There is an argument btw that the players are traumatised and should not be allowed to play under a duty of care owed to them. Fair argument, not sure where I sit. I'd probably go with the players if they asked to play.
  3. That is the most shocking thing I have ever seen in a live football match So relieved that he appears to be stable.
  4. Saw Leon King in Silverburn and my immediate thought was this guy has a long, long, long way to go physically.
  5. It's legit but I didn't know the Rangers Charity Foundation was signed up to it, going to switch mine to there now! Doesn't contribute a lot, I think mine has only generated about £10 in the past 6 months
  6. The Nets are going to blast everyone aren't they Fucking hell they look incredible
  7. It's mental, could easily pick up a guy in FA who can space the floor for a fraction of what they're paying Porzingis who can give them the same output he gave them in this playoff series
  8. The fucking Clippers man Luka really had no help. Porzingis must be the softest big-guy in the league. He has all of the attributes to be one of the most dominant players this league has ever seen. Height, an incredible handle, great footwork, but he is lacking that aggression that make guys great
  9. Yeah I don't think we have the pieces for that tbh. A trade is going to have to involve a Sign & Trade with Schroder + THT + our only draft pick (I think we have a mid-20s 1st round pick this year). I'd like us to try to bring in Otto Porter Jr and Lowry (if he takes a huge paycut). We were obviously keen to trade for Lowry but walked away after the Raptors demanded we include THT (and at the time we thought Schroder would be our '3rd star')
  10. Very disappointing end to a very disappointing season with injuries costing us big-time. The extended period of rest for LeBron and AD should hopefully mean next season they are both more resilient. Huge off-season for Pelinka to get right. Think we might have seen the last of Kuz last night
  11. I'm genuinely not sure of the rules, not sure whether they can pull him out or not. It has certainly come at a terrible time for the team and a potential distraction against a NZ team who are good enough to capitalise if England aren't 'on it'.
  12. He's a cock I think Vogel may have told him he's benched tonight and he's thrown his toys out the pram I would like to see us go: Caruso, KCP, Bron, Kuz and AD at the 5 (if he can play) otherwise that team with Drummond at the 5
  13. I didn't realise he signed his 5 year extension and thought his rookie contract ran to next year 😂. Fuck it, we'll take Bradley Beal instead
  14. ...I didn't say when we'd sign him...
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