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  1. He'll be away in the summer for big money after the Euros
  2. That was a fucking shambles man
  3. He has a lot of potential Deserves a start through the middle when Alfredo gets his inevitable ban. Roofe on the right
  4. Ryan Kent was excellent what were people watching, he was all over the place and put in that tremendous tackle at the end to stop Hibs getting up the pitch Played a beautiful ball over the top for Alfredo who thought he was playing the Gibraltar u-15 girls team and wanted 10 years on the ball
  5. Also Cedric Itten might be the best player we have at time wasting. Phenomenal effort
  6. Absolute class act. What a defender this guy is.
  7. Helander is fucking brilliant Outstanding, well done Rangers 👏🏽
  8. I’d like to see us get Itten on for Morelos and Roofe on for Aribo, maybe Hagi on for Davis around the 70 minute mark if we haven’t scored
  9. I just wish there was a full stadium there to witness that phenomenal effort from Fawad today. He went in to bat when we were 27-4! Atmosphere would have been electric. Such a shame that after a decade without a "top" test team touring, when they finally do nobody can go watch it. Nobody can really put their finger on why he hasn't been selected, so most fans attribute it to internal politics. In domestic cricket in the past 20 years, there are only 2 better performers currently playing cricket around the world - Steve Smith and Vihari in the Indian team (though Vihari is over a
  10. These days I genuinely couldn't care less about how we play. I'd happily take a 0 shots on goal, totally riding our luck, OG win in the next 10 games or however many it is we need to confirm the title.
  11. I would laugh, given all the chat around them that I feel in some quarters has been very disrespectful to the Lakers and teams like the Heat/Sixers from the usual suspects (Skip fucking Bayliss), talking as though it's a slam dunk that the Nets will come out of the east and win this championship. I'd take the Nets right now in the NBA finals. Would be a sweep. Am I that confident against the Bucks, Heat, Celtics, Sixers? No. That speaks volumes, despite their 'big 3' The Clippers are the only team in the West who can beat us over a 7 game series and that's ONLY if Playoff P doesn't
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