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  1. Can't lose games if we don't concede goals. Success is always built on a successful defence. Brilliant from the team I go in to games now expecting us to keep a clean sheet
  2. Brilliant when he came on.
  3. Haha, class. Worst cunts We always seem to scrap with opposing teams / fans in Europe, we piss them off massively 😂
  4. What did I tell you Brilliant performance, stunning goal from Roofe absolutely outstanding technique
  5. Soon as I read the first line I was going to post that quote FUCK THE CLIPPERS Alfredo is a great album and everything pushed out by Griselda Records this year has been outstanding hip-hop. Glad Eminem signed them and helped get them the exposure they deserve. Those guys have been grinding for a long, long time
  6. This happens all the time mate. Fairly common for cash to go to an Agent. People don't realise what they're handing over to these types of people when they grant authority over tax affairs - you have to formally revoke the authority and many don't bother. Obviously that's in the instance they have actually signed up with one of them to get them a rebate. HMRC / UK Gov are totally aware of these types of companies and refuse to simplify their systems and processes so more people feel confident enough to just do it themselves. Bit of a racket tbh.
  7. Zimbabwe are touring Pakistan just now too. England in talks to tour for 3 T20s in January - would be a good way for the ECB / English cricket to repay Pakistan for touring in the summer.
  8. To add to some of the more recent posts from a few years ago , this is one of Eminem's best disses of all time @born a blue nose
  9. Classic thread I'm sure loads of the 'Guest' posts were @Willis's old account
  10. That's possibly what it could be mate. Agent authorisation is outdated and basically if you grant it then they have full authority over your income tax affairs, not just one small aspect (the uniform tax rebate is income tax related). As I said, request evidence of the signed forms and claim form too. If they can't produce them, give them an opportunity to pay you first in full, if they don't then report to HMRC for fraud. Speed is of the essence as HMRC are cunts and will get debt collectors onto you etc. Don't pay HMRC yourself even if tempted because of all the hassle. This mob
  11. Ask the Agent for a signed/dated copy of the 64-8 form. This is the form they have to submit to HMRC in order to gain authorisation to act on your behalf. Just straight up ask them when they were authorised to act on your behalf and to provide you with proof of that (they need to maintain these records). The only way this authorisation is granted by 'default' for an individual is when you are under PAYE or when registering a trust I think. Did you ever sign up to an Umbrella company or anything? PM me the name of the agency if you want and I'll take a look at them?
  12. Kabak was rumoured to be interesting Liverpool recently Fair comment on Upamecano
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