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  1. He's a guy playing for one of the worst teams in League Two and they've had him on 1 year contracts since he signed, whilst churning out 15 goal contributions in 45 games I'm not really sure this is the kind of guy we should really be going after shortly after winning a league title with one eye on the Champions League Group Stage next year although if it's just taking a punt on a guy while we spend some decent money on another talented player then I don't mind it so much
  2. Mate LeBron is still in a cast so fuck knows when he's going to be back. I've got a feeling that we're just coasting along, we'll bring AD back in about a week or so and do enough to keep a decent position in the standings for the playoffs, then bring LeBron back at that point to go full tilt in the playoffs. We saw last year how fucking good a fully rested, healthy LeBron can still be.
  3. Those are absolutely stinkin tbh
  4. It was a 50/50 and Kemar Roofe went in with his foot like a fucking moron. If someone did that to McGregor I'd be absolutely livid but ultimately, it's only being discussed as a deflection tactic by racist scum, so fuck them.
  5. Why was he allowed to enter the UK without being interviewed by the Police?
  6. Nets look good but if we stay healthy and fit then I'm still saying #Lakersin4
  7. psb07158


    If you add to your basket and you're logged in, it takes £10 off at checkout mate
  8. Sure it does, but nobody on here is talking up the clubs with racist Arab ultras
  9. They signed a Christian footballer called Ali Mohamed and wanted him to change his name to sound "less Muslim"
  10. Not sure we want to be associated to some of the racist scum who follow Beitar tbf.
  11. Looks nice, but do they pay for the license from the club or is this just some guy doing it himself? I'd buy one if the former
  12. This type of additional bit is completely unnecessary tbh
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