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  1. Yep, people look at a set of accounts and think they're financial experts. If you looked at Rangers accounts in isolation it's a fucking horror-show . Context means a whole lot and they are well backed and well run with a squad full of valuable assets (contrary to what a lot on here think). I think to realise maximum value on all of those players they have got to sell in January - which they can't afford to do footballing-wise. All their contracts are up in 2022 I think
  2. He's 36, for the money they are no doubt paying him it seems crazy but they clearly didn't want to pay a fee for anyone. There are a few young guys who would cost a fair wedge. Upamecano, Konate from RBL, Inigo Martinez (not sure why he has never got his big move, 29 now but still a good buy IMO), Ozan Kabak
  3. It won't collapse and any notion of that is misplaced, so don't get your hopes up. They are well backed and for all the criticism he gets, Lawell is an excellent CEO.
  4. Spending all of that money in the summer but nothing on a quality CB was criminal tbh
  5. Think they had an operating loss but made a profit on the back of transfer payments Obviously that isn't sustainable plus COVID
  6. I was saying to my wife the other day if it wasn't for my son being in school I'd just go. I WFH so can quarantine at home, she is self employed so can take a few weeks off work and my daughter is in nursery so can take her out if we wanted. He got too old too fast!!
  7. Yeh, think that's the same everywhere, lots of free cancellation options. COVID situation bad in Slovakia? I ended up cancelling my hotel next month instead of rebooking flights with BA, but I'm tempted to still go as when I looked again the price of the hotel had dropped £50 and still had free cancellation on it and flights with BA are actually even better
  8. Easyjet emailed me over the weekend cancelling my flights to London next month. Offered to switch on to other flights which are just totally shite flight times. Was going down on Friday late morning, back Sunday evening. Easyjet offered to switch to new flights late on Friday night and back Sunday morning. GTF. Refund requested, can take 30 days apparently.
  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/memecandy-KzPhDm4lBUPDQ1c7du
  10. Nope, never. Not even when on loan at Aberdeen. Must have played against us 10+ times now over the course of his career and done absolutely fuck all. Like I said, he sprints about and tries to throw himself into tackles but does nothing else.
  11. I don't think Zungu is that type of give-and-go, intricate passing player - but I agree, the big advantage is he doesn't play for those filthy cunts.
  12. psb07158


    He has definitely lost a yard from when he was at Hibs, injuries taking their toll
  13. We should be quietly restating that we are underdogs, Celtic are the champions for a reason etc. Need media narrative to match that sentiment irrespective of what the bookies say Put all the pressure on them, not on ourselves.
  14. Barisic and Tav 100% We have enough depth everywhere else but Bassey and Patterson come nowhere close to replicating what Borna and Tav can do on the pitch
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