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  1. That just isn't how a vaccine works due to the number of vulnerable who can't get vaccinated which runs to the millions in the UK before you even include those who have underlying health conditions who have no idea they have underlying health conditions (folk with silent heart conditions, for example). It's a also a vaccine, not a cure, something I gauge from your posts that you have difficulty accepting You're having a go at @mitre_mouldmaster for being obsessed with this but you're the exact same, sitting on the opposite side to him.
  2. Soon as they were announced I posted this and had cunts telling me nahhh they'll link up systems or they'll use QR code scanners etc Fucking mongs, we live in Scotland, we're lucky we're not having to show handwritten doctors lines manually checked by stewards fs
  3. Aye fucking hell @mitre_mouldmaster you can't put that much into a bracket ffs
  4. Reminds me when I used to park at the old Commerce college car park because I was a cheapskate Strathy student and I'd just wave a random card at the guy and say some shit about running late for a class and he'd just wave me in. Like genuinely I'd be waving a nandos loyalty card one day, my bank card another etc
  5. When they announced it, didn't they say the app would be available on 30 Sep? Why are they now encouraging folk to bring paper versions that just encourages folk to make them up on their computer and bring them 😂😂
  6. It's Kevin Clancy is anyone surprised
  7. All the same to me brother
  8. Can't rely on those sheepshagging bastards for anything Fucking bonk machine wankers
  9. Aye with their run in October as well I think that's a strong possibility
  10. A great fight and AJ is a great fighter but sometimes you just come up against someone who executes better 🤷🏽‍♂️ Look forward to the rematch
  11. Genuine attempt to play the ball so correct decision made If he'd run past McLaughlin and McLaughlin then just grabbed his jersey and took him down then it would be a red
  12. My God that was absolutely horrific We are regressing, not improving, but at least we keep winning
  13. Fucksake, now my only regret is they never shut the place down before that prick went there
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