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  1. Can't wait for only an excuse on BBC this year. Surely there'll be plenty jokes about the scum trying to cover all the pedo stuff up, won't there............? I'll not hold my breath.
  2. Their only movies, don't read too much into it.
  3. As I said, I didn't expect the advice to go down well, but you don't honestly think that every person in the ground at a Rangers ceptic game is a regular attender, & that they all paid face value? Not a chance. I'm not saying to rip off a fellow fan, but this is different circumstances. The guys going to lose a few hundred quid here. Apologies if I've offended anyone.
  4. OOFT. He must have got paid a good bit for that. He's a raging tim. He refused the freedom of Ballymena because of the way tims were treated when he was young. Apologies in advance for the long read. Hollywood actor Liam Neeson has turned down an offer by his Northern Ireland home town to honour him. In a statement through his publicist Neeson has said that the controversy which erupted in Ballymena, County Antrim, over plans to offer him Freedom of the Borough has made it "inappropriate" for him to accept. He said: "Although I very much appreciate, and am greatly honoure
  5. It might not be a popular bit of advice, but you could try selling the 2 old firm games on your season ticket. Some people will pay way over the odds to see the games, & depending on how much your last 2 payments are, you might cover the balance with what you'd get, but allowing you to see other games. You'd probably have to sell to someone you know though, so you'd get the cash in advance. Face value is around £50, so you might get quite a bit more.
  6. Sorry in advance guys, I go through this every season ? Anyone have a link to get all the fixtures onto my Samsung phone? Cheers
  7. I can't believe that the sun posted the sick so called jokes. Any other time the comments would be described as sick & vile & not suitable for a family newspaper, but they actually printed them. The sun is just as bad.
  8. Aye, no denying that we were shite, but with the amount of links to a replay of it, I can't believe the amount of people on here that STILL think Jack headbutted him. Clubfoot should get a retrospective red for diving. Went down holding his face, when all it was, was a push.
  9. I've said it for ages, move the UB's into the corner section & if they need more seats, spread them into BF5. Then I'd stick all away fans {including the tims} into BF1 only, no more. That way it would free up more seats as there would only be segregation between BF1 & BF2, rather than segregation on both sides of the corner section. Also it cures the age old dillema of season ticket holders moving for the UB's, as theres none in the corner, plus the noise that comes out that corner sometimes, is unbelieveable for a few hundered away fans. I'd rather it was our fans making the noise fr
  10. I wonder if this sets a pecedent in England though. I'm sure the premiership teams down south that had EBT's will argue its Scottish law, but as our case has been judged guilty, they'll sort out a deal before a judgement is finalised.
  11. I've always thought the same, why don't we go after the advisors. Even if it was done in good faith, so was selling endowments, PPI etc. I was given advice years ago when getting a mortgage & bought an endowment. We changed it after a few years, but still managed to get a claim for them misselling it years later, so I don't know why we aren't going after them.
  12. Both mine & my sons showing in our order history
  13. As much as I'd love it to happen, in the natz controlled Scotland that we live in, they'd blame Rangers for trying to stoke up sectarian hatered. But who cares, go for it
  14. Daftbet must be laughing then, those tramps wear the septic top 365 days a year.
  15. You didn't think I was reading 4 pages did you??
  16. Going by the amount of season tickets sold last season, the atmosphere SHOULD have been great as well, but thanks to the shite performances, a lot stopped turning up & the atmosphere was crap.
  17. Got the same in Leipzig at the Rangers friendly mate. Stood in a queue for about 20 minutes only to find out it was alcohol free.
  18. Shit thing is, we never ever lagged behind them. I remember years ago, they always copied everything we did, right down to us bringing out Rangers crisps. Need to get on top of this.
  19. Now I don't travel around the Ibrox area much apart from matchdays, but do they really need two lanes on each side of the road at the front of Ibrox? Turn it into a big fanzone.
  20. Genuinely, they were more or less told "don't do it again". They got something like a suspended sentence. Not to be in bother for a year, or else.
  21. Exactly, however, if we played in green, the cooncil would be falling over themselves, probably even giving us land for £1 to build it on. Nah, who would give away land on the cheap to a football club?
  22. I'll be honest mate, I think you've left it too late. If tickets are now open to the public, there's a good chance it's been sold already.
  23. Was in the pub watching it. Both games on bbc 1 & 2. It kept on jumping over when they scored. Amazing day watching this. Especially when the sutton interview came on, the whole pub were pissing themselves at him.
  24. If I was marrying her, I'd get married in a fkn mosque if I had to. TBH, I prefered his ex though
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