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  1. this is utterly despicable. hope their families back in ROI are proud of them... oh wait...
  2. if it is the same template Italy are using for their home tap for the WC it will be a fucking cracker. i highly doubt that will be the case though.
  3. no harm in just phoning the ticket hot line, i phoned up and got a ticket for the league cup final against the scum in 2011.
  4. please lock this thread admin until we get conformation of this.
  5. no id do what any sane person would do and leave my children their inheritance
  6. a tactical bid made near the end of the window to unsettle him i reckon. we should keep hold of him, at least until we are back in the top league. i think lee himself would have taken the opportunity to fuck off 2 years ago if he really wanted to play for another team
  7. i was going to put in here the reasons why this is a ridiculous question but instead im going to call you and utter fanny instead. you utter fanny.
  8. The club are going to want to segregate kids from corporate suites and private boxes as much as they can which is totally appropriate anyway you look at it. I cant see there being a huge demand for famlies wanting hospitality at Ibrox as it is expensive.
  9. i dont give two fucks who's national anthem they boo - the fact they wear kilts to a game of football shows how much of a shower of cunts they are.
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