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  1. No.12


    He's on STV the now on Dinner Date
  2. Had that before, except it was for something I'd forgotten about...
  3. I'm hoping the cunt comes back the now so I can take a Wok aff the fuckers coupon
  4. Yeah mate, I've came round to watch the house whilst they go see about getting the locks changed. Probably some Jakie junkie fucking no user retard needing a fix
  5. Mum and dad house got burgled in the early hours of this morning! Took a laptop, couple of mobiles, the ma's purse with £290 and nicked the auld mans motor and burnt it out just down the road. They've also got the hoose key Cunts that have fuck all better to do!
  6. I found a player on Champ Manager a couple of year ago called Argelico Fucks Oh well, G'night bears
  7. Never heard of the guy that's in CM alongside Fuck
  8. Who will be on the bench? Anyone know?
  9. Don't understand it myself...
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