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  1. Sure Hibs rejected the fixture movement in the first place and the SFA moved it anyway, if the game is postponed, Hibs will go all out for the tie awarded..
  2. Cheers mate, could be a good idea to stick the Utilita sponsor on the front of the kids jerseys to make it more like a football shirt.
  3. Can’t find anything on that extension, although I’m hating having sponsors that my son can’t get in his shirt. It’s not the same.
  4. I thought the 32Red deal was over.
  5. No.12


    We haven’t been behind
  6. We cannae afford the sunshine
  7. Master of all great ideas. I’ll think about it.
  8. Calling bullshit. Former England central midfielder Frank Lampard is to take his first steps in management at Rangers, alongside former England central midfielder Steven Gerrard. Lampard today joined Gerrard in the Ibrox manager’s office, despite it only strictly being set up for use by one person. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/frank-lampard-becomes-joint-manager-Rangers
  9. Pathetic that this is being brought up and tying to link something to Rangers which has fuck all to do with Rangers.
  10. Body cams don't necessarily work unless the referee has no neck.
  11. I would rather Wilson at LB than Hodson. He's woeful, proved it against Motherwell.
  12. They are having so much fun down their left hand side, getting behind Hodson every time. Get tav on.
  13. Played well. I know Tav isn't the best defensively but I'd have him over Hodson x1000. Hes not very good.
  14. On RTV? I'm in Tenerife so could go round to the ibrox bar.
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