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  1. Slavia had us well beat. It was not even at any point in the tie imo. Doesn’t mean it would happen again but I would rather Olympiakos or Zagreb, who I would fancy to beat
  2. Tons of chat on Twitter just now about the whole booing the knee thing. If you’re planning on turning up to Ibrox on Saturday to boo the players, especially after the season they just had and what happened to Kamara, then go fuck yourself and don’t bother going.
  3. Am I the only one who thought Gerrard had gone over to Sir Walters house to do some painting together? 😂
  4. That Madueke boy for PSV looks a player at 19 years old. What the fuck was Muslera doing in that match though
  5. Christ, their first tie in the CL qualifiers is on Tuesday?? They have absolutely no chance based on recent showing and the state of their squad.
  6. Ajer to Brentford for £13.5m apparently
  7. Won't massively care about the cups if we win the league again. I would say win the league minimum, league and a cup should be realistic target though. Winning the league this season is massive
  8. I’m in a wait and see mood with this transfer. By all accounts he’s been honking recently and seen many people say he’s only really had a brief spell of good form which is probably where most of the excitement is coming from. I believe that there’s a good player in there, I’m going to wait and see if we actually get it. Low risk, high potential, free transfer who won’t weaken the team, happy with it. If someone like Kamara leaves though I’d hope for another addition.
  9. I'd be a little bit worried about that presser if I was one of them. A few key questions posed to McKay where he more or less dodged answering. With regards to Postecoglou he basically made it sound like Howe fell through and McKay said "oh I've been in Australia and Japan and there's this Postecoglou guy", phoned him up, had a chat and offered him the job. And tbh, timescales between Howe being off and Postecoglou being floated don't suggest much different. Also when asked about Lawwell's future involvement, he basically said yes. Mentioned season ticket sales and said they wer
  10. I really didn’t like the away goals rule anyway so I’m actually happy it’s been scrapped
  11. Away goals rule has just been scrapped. Extra time and penalties every time now
  12. Supposedly in for Wyke from Sunderland
  13. Just listened to that Aussie journalist who was waxing lyrical about Postecoglou and saying the stuff like Guardiola thanked him after a game and stuff like that. Not one to spout rubbish blue tinted specs nonsense at anything to do with them but seriously what a crackpot 😂 If you can’t get Guardiola or Bielsa then he’s the next best thing, Eddie Howe is a nobody and they should be delighted he turned them down so they could get Ange instead. He plays the best football in the world, J-League is one of the best leagues in world blah blah. Was unreal 😂
  14. Fabrizio Romano reporting Edouard in advanced talks with Leicester. I know it’s already reported but when this guy reports something it’s a done deal. Edouard is gone.
  15. Clarke would do absolutely nothing for them. Hard to beat, or scared to win? He’s a good Kilmarnock manager, would be an awful manager at one of the Old Firm. Not a good Scotland manager either. Bang average. I don’t think Postecoglou will be bad just because he’s off continent. Seemed to do really well at Brisbane Roar, then Australian national team winning the Asia Cup. He could very well be a decent manager. However, with this season being so important for us getting automatic Champions League money, especially if we don’t qualify this summer, where this appointment needs to d
  16. If he wasn't one of our players out on loan then his performances weren't as good that we would be wanting to sign him. It's purely because we already have him. Looked good at times for us, Villareal and other games around that time, but was pretty one dimensional.
  17. Slavia were clearly better than us imo. I think we would beat Zagreb and Olympiakos. Salzburg and Slavia would need to be a surprise result, which we’ve done a fair few of. Last game won’t matter for Slavia, while I do think they outplayed us, I don’t think they are so good we couldn’t beat them on another day with a bit of good form and luck, but it would be tough With the number of rounds before Q4, I think our best chance is a few upsets knocking out other teams before we get there and/or a favourable draw.
  18. You can tell by the change in font that you had to copy and paste his name there
  19. Worth mentioning that we are guaranteed Conference League group stage football, not Europa League group stages
  20. Rangers F.C. 2020/2021 Goals 1. James Tavernier - 19 2. Kemar Roofe - 18 3. Alfredo Morelos - 17 Assists 1. James Tavernier - 16 = Ianis Hagi - 16 3. Ryan Kent - 15 Total Contributions 1. James Tavernier - 35 2. Alfredo Morelos - 31 3. Ryan Kent - 28 Number of players with 10+ goals: 4 Number of different goalscorers: 20 Number of players with 14+ assists: 5 Number of players contributing to 20+ goals: 6 Number of goal contributions from defenders: 75 ********** End of season ***********
  21. Rangers 4-0 Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 38 Goals: Kemar Roofe (2), Jermaine Defoe Assists: James Tavernier, Ryan Kent, Ianis Hagi, Greg Stewart
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