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  1. Kent would as well, even still
  2. I actually like him more than most do But yeah some of the points were just getting silly. Too many pages been lost to whether it's £8m or £10m and it doesn't really matter, I'll leave it there
  3. And everyone at the time assumed he was just raging because of the money being lost. Would a manager really care where a player went after leaving? Evidence that English clubs could get him for £600k?
  4. Saying that he won't go for double figures because only 6 have in 130 years, when all 6 of them have been in the last 8 years, in a market which is ever rising - and then using the valuations of 2 players which were in the last year of their contracts who still went for big money in/around double figures, and continually ignoring the fact we're talking about Aribo as if he was not in the last 18 months of his contract is ridiculous. Yes. Like I said, it's not the premise of the argument, it's the points you've used.
  5. For the record, I don't think £8m for Aribo is miles off, I don't think he'd go for more than £12m for example, but I don't think £8m is his absolute maximum cap
  6. And nobody would have a problem with you having that opinion if you didn't start using ridiculous points to make that argument
  7. Why was Lee Bowyer so raging that he was coming to us then if it wasn't because he was losing out on tons of money? I'm happy to admit I'm wrong if you can provide evidence but I genuinely think you're just making stuff up now
  8. 6 players in 8 years
  9. You are hypothetically valuing Aribo too, there is absolutely no difference other than you are using ridiculous examples to back it up
  10. I don't remember that being the case at the time. I'm sure it was multi-millions. You're just being ridiculous now
  11. You are STILL using players prices in the last year of their contract despite that not being what's discussed. It actually makes makes your point worse that players in Scotland can go for double figures even in the last year of their contract after having a poor season. 6 players in 8 years where Ajer definitely would have under normal contractual status too. Almost one player a season from the best club in the league at the time. Which is now us. Christie would have too. And there's plenty other players who would if teams went for them too.
  12. Again... we had a cross-border loophole no English club could use You're using far too many misrepresentations of scenarios in half of your posts here
  13. Exactly, nobody has met our valuation If we did then it was at a time that we thought he was worth more. I think it's a good thing we've held out, it's not what I'm trying to say. I'm saying nobody else is agreeing with us and they aren't giving us that money we that we need to start getting.
  14. Oh come on you know that's not an even playing field A handful of times in the entire history of Scottish football... all in the last decade.
  15. Yeah at what has to be assumed would be well below value. Nobody has came in for players for the prices we've wanted and we've not managed to make any significant sales. I don't believe that we haven't wanted to sell Morelos over the years (nothing to do with form or current debates) but because that's our model and he was the player at highest value, who wanted to leave and it was time. But we didn't get the bids good enough
  16. Whether they have or haven't, nobody has came in at valuation for any player at any time in the last 6 years other than Windass going for £2.5m
  17. Were the supposed Leeds bids for Kent this summer or last summer I can't remember? Also can't fully remember if it was reported bids were even actually made or not. But yeah it is worrying we've been back in the Premiership for 5/6 seasons, 3/4 under Gerrard and we've sold one player for £2.5m
  18. Edouard went for £14m and that was in the last year of his contract? We're talking about Aribo as if he wasn't in the last year of his contract. As I say, we're not really disagreeing about anything, a difference of £2m. It wasn't even really the valuation of £8m, it was the suggestion that it was the max he could possibly go for. We'll agree to disagree on this one, not an Aribo thread anyway
  19. As I say above, we're splitting hairs at this point
  20. Over a decade ago? It doesn't matter at all. We aren't going to sell Morelos, Kent or Kamara for £9.5m just because it would be our biggest transfer. The players will go for what they're valued at in today's market. Also I'm not going to split hairs between whether Aribo is worth £8m or £10m, we're not even really disagreeing about anything
  21. We've had offers though. So we could have. When was the last time we've came off the back of an invincible league season and 3 years of strong European success? Just because we've not been in a position to before doesn't mean we shouldn't now that we are. In current climate, now having won something, and the talent of someone like Aribo, he shouldn't be going for single figures. Neither should Hagi, Kent or Kamara
  22. We aren't going to get £20m for him but we wouldn't let him go for less than double figures if he was on a longer term deal.
  23. Ah nevermind then, I thought you meant purely from a value point of view based on worth rather than due to contract status.
  24. Roofe started 13 games, Morelos started 22 and Roofe still outscored him from largely playing in a wider role. People can defend Morelos but I don't believe for a second that on a minute by minute basis that he was better than Roofe last season, not even close. Edit: league stats btw
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