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  1. Nope! One on a Windows 10 chrome, one on iPhone safari. Not connected/linked. It's all good though, the theme solution works!
  2. Was doing it for me the last 2/3 days, just randomly fixed now thankfully. It was happening on my laptop and my phone at the same time which is odd.
  3. Thought you were stalking me tbh, caught me in one of my uniforms
  4. He's been awful all season tbh and the assist stats and odd good bit of play that lead to some of them doesn't cover that up for me. Needs to improve big time, starting to look like a player that Genk didn't want. It's a shame because we know he's capable of more
  5. Oh do you mean because of Broxi
  6. No idea what you're talking about tbh
  7. Mixed first half, tried a few ambitious passes that didn't come off, one or two sloppy moments. Much better in the 2nd half, was subbed off eventually
  8. Falkirk 0-4 Rangers - Betfred Cup, Second Round Goals: Jermaine Defoe, Calvin Bassey, Borna Barisic, James Tavernier Assists: Connor Goldson, Cedric Itten, Borna Barisic
  9. We're fucked if Goldson is injured. Only Balogun left
  10. You've spoiled both the last 2 goals for me now you watching from the future or something
  11. Tbf to him he’s played 3.5 matches worth of minutes and has 2 goals. Performances have been mostly prettt good, he’ll be fine imo
  12. He sees the bigger picture folks
  13. Delighted they're out the League Cup and Europe and he hopes they go out of the Scottish Cup as well to focus on the league
  14. Not too bad then, surely depends how bad it ends up being though? Many people have been bed ridden for weeks
  15. How long have other Covid players been out for? 3/4 weeks?
  16. The guy on just now stopping talking on the phone to beep 4 times at another car
  17. Shit, hopefully it's been contained and he recovers well
  18. They play AC Milan next so that'll be another loss soon
  19. Well I thought the games leading up to Ibrox would be straight wins but you can't say that with any confidence anymore. Could drop points any minute to anyone!
  20. Team is as we wanted except Borna still playing. Happy with that. Looking forward to seeing Zungu and Itten
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