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  1. If he was a new signing last January people would use the word shit
  2. At what point does history begin to become irrelevant though? He's been shit for an entire year now and his value has probably already halved. If we valued him at £20m before would anyone even bid £10m for him now? It wouldn't be much more - if even Nobody is saying to punt him for nothing. But there is a serious question to be had if we should take what we can get now before it crashes even lower, or hope he re-finds his form and his value goes back up. Personally I think £12-14m should be seriously considered at this point.
  3. 9 in 12 after a slow start as well is a fantastic return.
  4. Also in comparison to his recent career we've not been too bad with injuries so far. He's getting a run of games under his belt and long may it continue. If he makes it to the end of the season we'll probably be in good shape.
  5. Been the difference maker this season. Thought he wouldn't be great when he signed but absolutely proved me wrong and he's been fantastic. As said above, difference between decent last season and excellent this season (other than obvious aspects like Tav being on fire) has been the addition of Roofe. Added a new source of goals and dimension up front.
  6. Hardly Especially with his "new role dropping deep"
  7. He is very good within 12 yards, he is woeful beyond 12 yards. And I stand by that. I should have been more clear, by finishing I should have specifically said clearly from the start that I mean medium to long range, ball at feet and taking a shot on. Not the instinct strikes he was freely scoring before
  8. That's a stretch. But headers from 8 yards out, as good as they were, are not the point I was making
  9. How can he have been fine when the only notable contribution he made was missing a sitter? The only reason people highlight his performances is because so many people are in denial
  10. He has never ever been good at shooting medium to long range. Thinking of a few examples where he has doesn't change that and I don't even agree with some of the examples you gave such as the 2 against Feyenoord
  11. Wouldn't have Morelos anywhere near the Old Firm tbh I would go Defoe up top and Roofe on the right
  12. Much better from Aribo today, was excellent. Hagi still seems to have an awful touch or pass in him at any moment but no denying he's also been a lot better the last 2 games. Kent... rarely ever plays badly, but is also rarely ever actually playing well. Morelos... awful. He is simply a woeful finisher. Even when he was on form for us he was still a poor finisher, relied mainly on goals within 12 yards. People mentioning his general play, sorry but even his strength and winning headers isn't as good as it was. He used to roll and shrug off defenders with ease but he's been poo
  13. Roofe moves up into 2nd place in both goals and overall contributions. Halfway point of the league season
  14. St Johnstone 0-3 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 19 Goals: Kemar Roofe, Glen Kamara, Ianis Hagi Assists: Ianis Hagi, Joe Aribo, Kemar Roofe
  15. People have said this for his past 5 goals and it’s done nothing....
  16. There is simply no defence for Morelos’ form for the past year anymore. Woeful finish
  17. Broxi


    Watched quite a lot of footage of him before he signed, I still think there's a lot more to come from him in terms of his finishing ability. He hasn't had too many chances ball at his feet and take a shot on. His first goal was superb and along the lines of what I mean. The goal against Poznan was great a bit of a hit and hope it sneaks in. Other chances he's missed are swipes from a tighter angle. I think once he starts getting into positions where he has the ball on the ground in front of goal he'll show that he's a very composed finisher as well.
  18. One game at a time etc but the next 4 games, arguably 5 (arguably 20 obviously) are huge. Win every game including the Old Firm, then don't slip up at Pittodrie and you'd have to say that it's one hand on the trophy
  19. Itten breaking through on goal and turning back was very smart as well. Easy thing was to take a shot from a tight angle and give the ball away. He knew that despite breaking through that there wasn't really a proper chance there so turned back and headed straight for the corner again, very smart.
  20. Rangers 3-1 Motherwell - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 18 Goals: Kemar Roofe (2), Cedric Itten Assists: Ryan Kent, Ianis Hagi, Joe Aribo
  21. Fantastic time wasting here Loved how Itten saw the opportunity to drive into the box, took it in case a chance came, saw it was likely the ball would be lost so doubled back and went back to the corner
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