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  1. Good wee player, infact i'd take him everytime over Ortiz.
  2. Jesus another anti England thread, Jacobite chunts!
  3. Only standing area's will improve the atmosphere at Ibrox, Fan groups have little affect on the rest of the stadium at the brox.
  4. Why are Scotland strips not the colour of the Saltire? Cannot stand navy blue! Had it been the colour of the Saltire it would of been a belter.
  5. Alot of fans wont be happy until Rangers fans are anti english like the Tartan Army are.
  6. Broadfoot is far better than Whittaker! Both have a huge amount of flaws but i'd say big Kirk has less of them.
  7. I would much rather stay in Scotland than join another pish league like the Atlantic league setup.
  8. Tbf that guy Frankie is right, They are either Ultra's or they are not? Walking out and letting folk get lifted is a little gay...couldnt imagine that happening at Lazio and the likes.
  9. Apparently rows and rows of the Blue Order arrested tonight! WTF????
  10. Wit a fucking clown you are boy.
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