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  1. Is it cancelled? I've watched the series and have the last 5 episodes taped, is it worth watching them now?
  2. So can you drink in the hotel early even on a Sunday? Will be in Kilmarnock early to pick up my ticket so this would be ideal!
  3. I'm sure she is used to being smashed from behind! ;-)
  4. Brines should never ref a Celtic game again he is a disgrace? On another day? Meaning Celtic are going for the title so I can't send him off!!
  5. Got through first time this morning and got 3 tickets. Will pick them up on the morning of the game, will take the train up as I doubt my bus will leave early.
  6. Do you need to give season ticket no.? Is there a limit of 2? Thanks
  7. Thought they had brought the price down to £35 these days? They are selling at £8 now and still making a big profit no doubt. Still I'll buy it on the first day like I have the last 20 odd years, ha!
  8. Cut and paste job that! Change the sponsor and straighten the White strips, job done.
  9. Not bad, could be better could be worse. Is it me or is the badge larger than usual?
  10. Got an email too for Motherwell, what's happening with killie tickets, are they selling them?
  11. This ban won't stick end of. If it did how can uefa stop us all going to games abroad? Imagine we got Real Madrid and had 20,000 bears spread across the bernabeu when we are banned!!
  12. Let me get this straight If TBB wasn't sung, which I'm certain it wasn't and I was at both games, then we are to be banned for singing songs that have not been banned. Uefa are using a report from an organisation who watched it on tv, unless they send people to every game in Europe. I'm sorry but this charge will never stick, it wouldn't stand up in court where it will end up if we are punished over this. It's like someone being charged with breaking a law which doesn't exist after being told on by a 5 year old. It's laughable
  13. Can anyone recommend a decent site to play, even against a computer, with no real cash involved. Cheers
  14. Cheers will hear soon enough. Killie usually sell the tickets through us but maybe they will want to cash in on this one and sell the tickets themselves without us taking 5% fee. They should give us a chunk of the main stand for this one too.
  15. Cheers, would that make it a free for all then? Or ST holders only.
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