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  1. Nice one. Thanks again mate.
  2. Moving up at Calderwood. Really? Hope I find one then. Thanks mate.
  3. Any idea how I would go about contacting them? Cheers mate.
  4. I'm moving over to EK next month and was wondering if there will be any supporters buses that I could get on permanently? Cheers lads.
  5. Get one made, we can all join.
  6. Yip, just went and got mine the day.
  7. Need some help? https://www.facebook.com/BTBFootballTipster?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/FootballAccumulators?fref=ts Won me alsorts have fun guys!
  8. About time missing this place!!! FTP RFC UVF YLFB!!!!
  9. Real Madrid @ evens Handicap Betting(-1.0) Mallorca v Real Madrid & Real Madrid @ 5/2 Alternative Handicap(-2.0) Mallorca v Real Madrid A cool £110 for me
  10. £20 on Barca -2, £50 back £10 on Messi hattrick, £60 back Wee fud ONLY got 2
  11. £20 on Barca -2, £50 back £10 on Messi hattrick, £60 back
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