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  1. The celtic newco set up in 2001 is the main trading company. It receives all the income and pays all the players and costs. – But remarkably, the celtic company from 1897 owns the stadium and owns the players, in other words the players are owned by one company (1897) and paid by another company (2001). – The 1897 company does not receive the matchday income, or the media, UEFA, merchandise or any other income. – The 1994 newco describes its activity as “football club management” and may therefore be involved with the football club licence, but otherwise is not the main trading company.
  2. Can see both sides of it , obv worry cos police or whoever but after everything we have went through then just try to stop ppl finally celebrating and enjoying this moment , premature or not ! Gonna be an emotional few days/ weeks 💙❤️
  3. Have u heard it’s true ?!
  4. Seen the rumour but someone else said was started by someone’s first post in FF 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hopefully a lot of shite why risk it all !
  5. It’s as if they have been told do not mention it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. You were right ..😂😂still on the broon then !!! Wouldn’t have any them in our team over anyone
  7. Doubt it he clearly has ambition ..maybe a team that will split the old firm like Aberdeen 🙄
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