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  1. Link up play already looking a lot better going forward exciting times ahead of progress as it has been !
  2. No sure if it’s been posted elsewhere They smelly bastards have had a few dodgy decisions going in their favour this season
  3. Hilarious that some pundits through the week touted him to come back to haunt us ! Was more haunting watching him try to make it at our level
  4. Always seems like gonna miss out on player then finds a way to make a great tackle ! I was never convinced with him last year but his positional play is right up there !
  5. When was the last time you felt so comfortable with the defence and back up options we currently have ? Buzzing at the thot of Patterson and bassey coming on in games showing what the have in the little time they have been given so far.
  6. U wanting the house done ?
  7. Just had this sent to me ..not seen it posted on here delete if it has thanks
  8. What’s this alluding too ? Or just a shite joke about wide men 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Just seen majer close to signing for fucking Birmingham !
  10. good to see our name out there linked to young talent , even if it is just agent chatter.
  11. That's how bad both teams are ! Fuckin scum IMG_1844.PNG
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