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  1. Younger people who play this will get to use our kits as skins, gets more people seeing it and interested in us hopefully. No brainer.
  2. Harder than it had to be but our form in January in these type of games has been poor in recent seasons so this is a big win. Having Alfie scoring again is brilliant, hopefully he presses on.
  3. TheBluebells

    Xbox Series X

    Going to play through Doom eternal when I get the chance, also going to try out the fallen order as its meant to be decent on the series x. Hopefully we get a beta for Halo Infinite some time around spring.
  4. Still playing through Wolfenstein The New Colossus, on a bit that's just stupid difficult but. They usually go on sale if anyone's looking for new games, been class so far.
  5. Good to see we kept up the pressure and were able to take advantage of them tiring. A hard fought win but I'm happy with us getting the 3 points against a terrible team. The goal we gave away was terrible though.
  6. Need a solid win to show they've got what it takes. Feel like this game has become so much bigger now.
  7. Huge Morelos fan but think he should have a spell getting rotated with other players, at least. Think he's just frustrated as fuck.
  8. Just finished Wolfenstein The New Order, fucking amazing game, can't believe I waited so long to play it. Onto the next one now, hopefully it's as good.
  9. I'm going to hold off a bit to see how it launches, looks good though. Would like to know exactly when the next gen update is.
  10. Just finished Wolfenstein The Old Blood, thought it was decent so picked up the other games. The second one is meant to be amazing so looking forward to getting that. Was going to pick up Cold War as well but still seems to be having an issue with crashing on the Series X so hanging off.
  11. Getting the job done well at a shite pitch and getting other players a good run out. We are just so impressive the now, Dickson also looking decent.
  12. I'll be gutted when he leaves, think some of our fans are far too harsh on him and see him not scoring as often as him just being a worse player. He's always been great off the ball but the whole team is working more so it's even better this season, he's an invaluable asset to our team.
  13. TheBluebells

    Xbox Series X

    Will take a few years to judge that properly but the Xbox exclusives, or potential ones, are more my bag anyway. I like Halo, Gears, Forza, Ori and if the Bethesda games become exclusive then that suits me too as I like Doom and Wolfenstein.
  14. TheBluebells

    Xbox Series X

    Really seems like it's down to personal preference this generation since its such fine margins between them.
  15. So what media outlets are running with this then? Assuming the same ones as when someone asked brown about his sister.
  16. Juve are different class, just a brilliant team.
  17. 8000 fans in the middle of January, best fans in the world. ALL TOGETHER NOW!!! Yeeeeeeeoooooowwwww
  18. Ten German bombers in the pubs i fucking love this club man ??
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