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  1. Got to see the crash and Hamilton taking the lead at the end right in front of us yesterday, was amazing, brilliant race from Hamilton and was some atmosphere too. Full red arrows display before it all started as well, great to see.
  2. If I get bored the free bevy will help anyway.
  3. Going to Silverstone tomorrow for the race, first time I've been so hoping it'll be a good race. Also, be amazing to see crowds and have some normality again.
  4. Its brutal mate, I never play it because of it.
  5. Anyone play Cold War Zombies? Started getting back into it if anyone plays it. Also been playing resurgence and plunder a lot, my mates just play Warzone and sit in the corner with a sniper and it bores me to fucking tears.
  6. TheBluebells


    Halo Reach and ODST are separate downloads for the MCC. If you have gamepass they're free, if not I don't think they cost a lot anyway. Just search the store for them if there's no option within the MCC.
  7. TheBluebells


    Honestly canny wait for it, think it looks class. Halo 5's multiplayer is really good so I expect this to be a return to form for the series.
  8. 😂 Come on mate, soon as his name was announced the full place was doing it and if they had been doing it for others (which I didn't hear) then I wonder why his were so much louder?
  9. These people honestly make me embarrassed to be Scottish, not that they'd consider me as Scottish anyway. Honestly hate how divided and hate filled these cunts have made this country, its sickening.
  10. That initial tweet though, I bet she greets about sectarianism. Anti Irish / catholic racism*
  11. Was wondering the same as all the ones I've seen just clearly have doo doo doo in them.
  12. Well seeing they're in charge for a few more years eh. This is quite something from the police and justice Secretary.
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