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  1. is there no show on tonight.
  2. I just know that nil by mouth will be taking action about this! err well maybe not.
  3. watched a few Rangers games in the past few years in the Liverpool bar on the promenade just up from the bonamar hotel. shows all british football. hope this helps!
  4. what a riddie if the legends got a bigger crowd than Scotland v costa rica!!!
  5. i thought wee gatusso`s side played well against arsenal the other night.he was always encouraging them on at the side of the pitch.given he has a soft spot for Rangers, does anyone think he could be a stick on for our managers job next season ???
  6. no matter what you say or think about kranchar, he came and played for the most successful club in the world in our time of need,and for that we are eternally grateful.i say thank you nico and good luck to you whatever you choose to do in the future!!!
  7. was thinking about the games against third Lanark in the sixties before they unfortunately shut down.i remember they had a right back named finlay macgilvery, who as I recall was the best in the division at the time.i know we signed him but did he ever get a game for us,anyone know?
  8. lee Wallace ready made for that position when he returns imo!!!
  9. happy new year to all the bears all over the world. what a club, what a support,watp!!!
  10. ffs that would be the last straw.a monk in charge of Rangers!!!
  11. whilst I think mcrorie is a stick on for the captaincy of our club, he needs to be given time to develop and play himself into the role.john greig our greatest ever captain had to wait a couple of years before he achieved his captaincy(mind you half our team at that time were good enough to take over as captain !)but mcrorie needs to get the feel of his position first and then with a good bit of luck and the fans backing he could turn out to be another john greig!!!
  12. king said in his interview that the club wanted a "Rangers man" and also said that he was already in a job at the moment.WELCOME HOME MR ADVOCAAT!!!
  13. we didn`t think wee reno gattuso would be a world beater either but eventually he became one,so give wee holtie a chance!!!
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