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  1. This was no doubt posted back when initially published, but a cracking wee read about a memorable season. http://talksport.com/magazine/features/130424/robbed-why-rangers-could-have-been-first-champions-league-winners-195971 It's a sad day as a bear when you are unhappy with a domestic treble and gubbing Leeds home and away, but I've no doubt that corruption robbed us that season of a trip to Munich to take on the mighty Milan. It still gets me angry to this day and I always wonder if we were too dignified for our own good when the Marseille revelations emerged. Would we have beat Milan? I'd have loved to have found out. Our team were more than a match in my opinion and would have at least ran that great Milan team close. What are your memories of that Cup run?
  2. I have not posted for many a year but last nights events had me thinking. Was last nights result in Malmo a defining day in our and Scottish football's history? With a second CL pot with figures of 25 million pounds and upwards lost by Roaring Ronny, can we now compete financially with those from the east? I am of the opinion that with two CL pots in the bank they would have been out of sight for years to come. With emerging financial muscle from countries such as Turkey, CL qualification will only get more difficult. We are now operating in an increasingly tightening transfer market alongside Polish teams and English third tier outfits. As such financial muscle and a modern youth and scouting system is vital for success. The magic hat can only do so much and the Hivs game showed our weaknesses at the back and showed that we are still very much a work in progress....but last nights result and the inevitable clear out and rebuilding by the beast gives me confidence that we will compete as equals next season and that a resurgent Hearts and Aberdeen can spoil any treble dreams......Thoughts??
  3. I can see another thread coming on..... how about "Grotty fucking inbred timmy wanks" for starters.
  4. You technophobe. I'm an old bastard as well who was brought up on Sensible soccer lol. No, its played online and you name your team, give it a strip and badge etc before playing others online.
  5. Day off yesterday, missis at work, get the Fifa on the old PS4. Played a chap with our badge for his team, wearing our away top and with a team called "Rule Britannia". Surely a bear and I'm a bit upset as I chin him 3 nil. Anyway, I send him a wee message, good game and all that and end it with WATP. Guy replies and it turns out he is a Leyton Orient season ticket holder from London who loves our club as much as his own. Tells me that Ness has signed on loan and that he and his mates all hate the beasts due to the Lee Rigby insults and their general hatred of all things British. Bit of a boring story, but my point is that during the late 90's I lived in London for a few years and to be honest most of the English guys I worked with tended to have a wee soft spot for the beasts. I believe that their fans have now truly fucked up by their bile on social media and their horrible away support who consistently cause havoc on pre season friendlies. Seems that the GFITW are now not so great. I think our club has to increase our marketing down south and forget our foreign pre season trips. Get ourselves and the bears down south, just like Sheffield last year and spread the word. On our road back to the top, lets start local before trying too fast to go global.
  6. No fans group speaks for me or my family who have attended games since the early 1930's. We are an institution founded on the values of our founding fathers, tradition, community, fairness, honesty and hard work. I don't want any more criminals involved in my club.
  7. FFS......hope you are having a laugh here.
  8. As previous posters have inferred, the Easdales have a very murky past and are well known as major criminals from the Inverclyde area. Unfortunately I don't have access to their criminal records but trust me, VAT offences are the top of their iceberg. As a season ticket holder of many years I'd be very very concerned if these characters get their feet into our boardroom. My love of the club would no doubt prevail but I'd be uncomfortable giving them potential access to our cash. If you are looking for further evidence.....don't worry, the jolly green craicsters from Beast end park would soon fully expose it. Worrying times.
  9. Don't think we have seen the last of Lee. I think he will make an appearance in Season 2. Have to admit that I had a wee tear in my eye during Clementines and Lee's last scene.
  10. For that same fifty pounds that people paid for the game in G-Force, Tesco give you the game and a 25 pound PSN card. I wonder where I'll pick this up?
  11. BigBearAl

    FIFA 13

    My personal favourite was the old 3 2 5 formation with strikers running all over the place. I agree that we will need to start up something again once we have all got to grips with the new game.
  12. BigBearAl

    FIFA 13

    The good old RM Fifa leagues on the PS3....those were the days!
  13. BigBearAl

    FIFA 13

    Not necessarily a bad thing mate. I had a South Korean Bronze team in Fifa 12 which was more than a match for most gold outfits and won a good few gold cups. Had a Belgian league silver team as well which was also handy.
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