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  1. I just happen to think that a lot of people act like he himself bought the club with his own personal money and single handedly raised the £22m and did everything else good himself and anything bad that has happened is the fault of the mhedia/Liewell/RST/Dingwall/Chris Graham/Anybody with the surname Murray. Done with this now.
  2. They wouldn't dance to either's tune simply because they fancy some influence at Rangers. The firms approached McColl to lead their move. Not sure why Murray was involved - don't really want him at Ibrox if it can be avoided.
  3. They probably knew they alone would not have been sufficient, brought in someone with some clout with the institutions. A good move.
  4. I hope so, but the fact that professional investment firms are concerned enough to try and force change suggests that there is in fact something to worry about - these people will know the difference between speculating to accumulate and pissing money down the drain.
  5. Green undoubtedly put a good sales pitch forward, but in my opinion Murray was key in that he got us in the door, so to speak.
  6. Really? Rangers aren't that successful at the moment (financially) yet he is going to sell his shares for a healthy profit to go along with his £720k.
  7. I don't doubt it will be accounted for, but I do worry about the future if we continue to spend as much as we have done. Also, we have spent a bit more than £22m according to Ahmad who says he brought in £12.5m of cash to the club pre-IPO. So season tickets, sponsorship money and IPO money plus £12.5m could be said to have been spent. Now it wouldn't surprise me if Ahmad was bullshitting mind you, so it might be less but even accounting for one-off expenses I still think that £10m might not be enough to see us through for a season.
  8. He didn't though. Ahmad put the deal together, Green was brought in as a mouthpiece.
  9. Agree with the bit in bold. My view is that the bonuses would have been much less scrutinised had our financial state been in a better position. It's hard not to be upset with them when you have spent more than £22m in less than a year, and the CEO, FD and coaching staff combined to over £2m of that.
  10. Ahmad identified the opportunity and did the legwork in setting up the deal i.e. dealing with Whyte and D&P. You can't say Green was responsible for the deal if he didn't organise it. He was brought in as a mouthpiece and nothing more. It's been widely acknowledged that Murray's contacts were key to the success of the flotation, and that his reputation for good corporate governance was a large part of encouraging them to invest.
  11. Do you think that his job performance reflects a payment of £720k. There's a difference between what Green has/will receive and getting fair payment for work done. Also, Green put in the massive sum of £50k and now is demanding 70x what he paid for his shares. Not a conspiracy just how things happened. I'm not going to praise people who saw an opportunity to gain personally, took it and have since ran us in an extremely poor manner. If you think that Green/Ahmad and the rest wouldn't fuck over Rangers in an instant if they could gain personally then you are very naive.
  12. Imran Ahmad put the deal together (and we've seen just how much he cares about Rangers) and asked Green to be the frontman. Green himself said that he turned Ahmad down once before agreeing to be involved. Our sponsorship deals are of questionable value, and a large part of the success of the IPO can be attributed to Malcolm Murray and his contacts in that area. Green has (and will) profit handsomely from a term as CEO, that once you look pass the soundbites and the bluster, then his input is questionable. To clarify, he did a decent job engaging with the fans and acting as a figurehead but that is the extent of it.
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