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  1. Clyde are reporting it’s Jullien that’s tested positive. Given he was injured therefore didn’t need to go....interesting 🤔
  2. All football below championship level has just been suspended for 3 weeks.
  3. I’m not disagreeing with the fact that‘s probably the official excuse for him going, however they were only away for 5 days. Surely whatever rehab was being done could have been done here? Or would mental health and loneliness have been another excuse?
  4. Can’t remember exactly, but along the lines of ‘this story is still developing and as of this moment the game still goes ahead so if it does we’ll be live from Easter Road‘. Or to that effect anyway The fact she’s talking about it going ahead shows they’re talking behind the scenes about it not going ahead.
  5. The comments from Eilidh Barbour at end of sky coverage of our game were interesting. Reading between the lines I’m guessing sky think there is a chance the game will be called off
  6. Some of Kamara’s flicks have been outstanding today.
  7. Itten he good, made the team of the week.
  8. Defoe, Roofe, Itten, Balogun, Bassey, McLaughlin & Zungu Was Davis only on loan and a permanent this summer similar to Defoe?
  9. Breaking news on sky sports. Mutual agreement and will be finalised tomorrow. Hopefully we can spend more wisely in January and bring in a decent replacement!
  10. Jim (Bett). Penalty against the filth on 9th January 82. Had to look it up mind you.
  11. Mols was truly outstanding. As was prso, although could you imagine a strike pair or pre-injury Mols and a younger Prso!!!!!!
  12. Now, do you mean back at us, or playing at the back for us?!?
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