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  1. They are driving people away from the game.
  2. I have no idea what they changed in the game but the original pre patch FIFA 20 was the best football game released in years. Even 21 was good until it was made into a clone of the last year's game at the end. Stop fucking about with the games.
  3. I remember something about that it's a shame he looked good when I seen him play though that wasn't too often.
  4. That's a shame Dapo and NYC could have done well for us.
  5. What this fifa has become isn't what it started out as in pre access it is night and day difference.
  6. I don't know if he's on the list of 14 but Burns and Stein are supposed to be on there.
  7. He is an excellent player I like watching him. The released players list came out today there's a lot of decent players on it.
  8. I will do mate need to wait until payday but definitely interested.
  9. Cool mate we moved to the island during the lockdown. It's good to know there's one here though that's great.
  10. No idea but I go through it coming back to the mainland and have never seen a football top of any sort.
  11. You've forgotten the lego eating cunt faking getting a punch from Alfie too.
  12. Sounds like he's got some addiction issues. That would explain why he was so shite.
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