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  1. I don't mind Galatassary they were one of the few teams to say nice things about us during our issues. Now having said that we should be pumping them next week.
  2. And he's past his best I'm not worried going into that game either should be an easy progression into the group stages.
  3. That's a tremendous header absolutely perfect well done big man.
  4. Sad for Animal that's horrible news. On another note I've just seen the Mickie James match from Raw she needs fired the stupid kicks that don't get anywhere near connecting needs to end. Learn how to strike or don't fucking strike.
  5. I had hoped for better for the group but that was bad Dijak deserves better.
  6. This has been dreadful again how have hibs kept 11 on the park.
  7. I agree with you but his money will be better than he's ever earned before I assume. Chase Rance?
  8. Wtf are you getting aulds from the one in the mall has shut down.
  9. An easy win nothing to complain about apart from the injuries.
  10. Tommy burns didn't just know he was involved I hope he's burning in hell along with stein.
  11. There's rumours that the people under the masks aren't going to be who is in the group in the end.
  12. I'm using Lacoste Red and CKin2U at the minute both are really nice.
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