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  1. I really will be delighted to watch that for the rest of the decade if we keep winning.
  2. Just another easy win though fuck me we are getting a bit predictable now. Couple of early goals then nothing else happens. I will happily take that though we're unstoppable.
  3. I think we will win 2-0 going for Alfie and Tav for the scorers.
  4. A big European win again but I felt sure we'd win. Conditions made it a horrible watch until Roofe lit it up. Onwards and upwards they were a decent side though.
  5. I don't know how to stop that use L2 to shield the ball as you get it and you might get a free kick, refs are terrible this year though.
  6. Fair enough it's the only mode I play.
  7. Fair enough I hate seasons but enjoy it mate.
  8. That's the reason it will take time to get used to. Also you need good defensive stats blocking and interception but the higher they are the more insane the blocks will be as well.
  9. Yeah they will go to the maximum allowed AI online for you that's how the AI makes the crazy blocks for people and not you.
  10. Crossing is set to manual this year so you'll have to change it if you can't get used to it. Crossing is very OP though so learn it.
  11. Didn't he score from right back agaisnt them?
  12. They are becoming common as fuck. Don't get one if you don't have a lot of time to give to it especially as a pup as it will get out of control quickly and that size makes it a risk.
  13. Watched this yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye. What a woman Tiny is.
  14. Turn up the difficulty setting as it improves your players AI there is a reason pros play on Legendary. Other than that learn to just run into people rather than trying to tackle them.
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