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  1. Don't slide tackle unless you're sure you'll win the ball and and just generally run at people you'll win the ball more often than not anyway.
  2. Don't do what most people did last year defending needs to be done now. Stand and tackle everything that moves is how I do it I'm not brillaint though.
  3. Maybe but we need to sort it out quickly as we are winning yes but we have a lot of improvement to make.
  4. Probably not but I'd like to see him get back to how good he was and sign a new deal at least to make us some money back. I wonder how much his dip in form is caused by the insecurity of maybe leaving.
  5. Brilliant to have him signed up and we need our assets on long term deals. If we lose Connor for free I will be pissed off considering it was only us willing to give him a chance and especially when we spent so much on him.
  6. Not bad for the end of the first day. I didn't buy fifa points they came with the ultimate edition. My bench as well.
  7. Another largely terrible display. Lundstrum was good again as was Bassey and Balogun. Other than that something is badly missing get them back on the mega doses of coffee fuck how dangerous it is triple shot espressos all around.
  8. Keep him he will go up in value after the game releases fully.
  9. It's much slower and the keepers are much better.
  10. Another awful start saved by Ianis Hagi having a couple of good moments. We are still so off the pace it's unreal.
  11. I'm annoyed about that I wanted to use him at left wing with Borna for chem on both.
  12. He's a good Rangers man Andy Shinnie as well. At least he played for us for a while.
  13. He's fairly openly a Rangers man.
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