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  1. Hoi don't curse Saltcoats with they mick fucks coming to visit.
  2. I've just finished him as well in time for WL
  3. As punishment they should be forced to play Scott brown until the end of the season.
  4. I work in the hydro and we've been told we are off until the vast majority is vaccinated.
  5. They are never worth it too much or a chance of Nakata or something truly terrible. The swaps one is worth the risk as the tokens don't cost any fodder or coins.
  6. I was going to order one when I bought my new top thank fuck I didn't.
  7. True I think he's a cracking keeper though I only see him against us.
  8. He's pretty old I think that helps them keep hold of a truly good keeper.
  9. What a finish that was from Alfie BTW and a great touch from Kent again.
  10. Yes according to sky and they tweeted about it seemingly as well.
  11. Surely with one of the mick fucks testing positive they need to be severely punished now.
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