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  1. I meant catch wrestling is what MMA is based on.
  2. Wrestling is a sport hell it's the basis for MMA in it's catch form.
  3. Take it you never watched the full video it went to VAR and he was sent off.
  4. They are a disgusting vile club and hopefully UEFA punish them severely nothing should be off limits with the anti racism drive that is ongoing at the moment.
  5. I've got twitter and follow them but it hasn't worked yet I will keep trying. My girlfriend and our friends are all trying for me as well so I have plenty of chances.
  6. I'd have more luck trying to get Lucy Pinder to suck my cock than I'm having getting a ps5.
  7. Justeat they cunts sponsor everything.
  8. I think we would easily be a European side in England maybe not champions league but easily top 7.
  9. Hutton for that 6 months or so was the best right back in the world
  10. It has been a hell of a journey and 55 meant every thing to us for so long now that it's here it is an indescribable feeling of closure and happiness. But an odd sense of 56 and counting meaning so much less but still eagerly anticipated it is difficult to explain how I feel it is the end of one journey and the start of another much more important one in a way.
  11. Peterhead sent out a tweet that's all I've seen.
  12. It's easy as fuck to beat five at the backs target both wing backs people aren't used to defending them and it makes them really open, then just slide down the wing and low cross and score.
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