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  1. I don't think Gabriel has been signed to TNA to be fair i think it was a one off appearance for the PPV rumours he has signed to GFW. His voice is so boring he clearly hates TNA he knows nothing about the product, he tries to be funny and isn't Tazz is better than him hell Don West is better. I think a backstage role for him would be good but he is shocking on commentary
  2. He is not impressive when he doesn't have the freedom to shine. TNA had him job to Manik for the record Josh Matthews is the worst cunt in wrestling he is utterly horrible.
  3. Justin Gabriel made an appearance for TNA at the Xtravaganza One Night Only show
  4. Might make FIFAs team of the year interesting in about a months time
  5. I desperately want GFW to work the more alternative products there is the better for the business Imo the standard will get better as well across the board
  6. Shame he is a very top tier talent there is not many better than him hope he can get healthy and turn his issues around he deserves a huge break
  7. I cant stand Marty Scrull he just pisses me off the rest are phenomenal talents particularly the Aerial Assassin Will Osprey
  8. I like Tyrus actually he doesn't do much but he is cool think he has been poorly used by TNA. Yeah they are a great team
  9. Is Tyrus leaving TNA then? The Young Bucks were Generation Me weren't they?
  10. That could be a good thing Imo they have a chance to add another major company to the business that can only be a positive for the workers to have that alternative
  11. I don't have sky sports i watch the main shows sometimes on YouTube however if the opinions on here aren't favourable i will not not watch it. My wee boy loves wrestling so watched Superstars and the Experience until the changed to Raw but he will watch that too. He also likes TNA Xplosion
  12. I didn't know Rusevs last name (outwith the WWE obviously i hadn't seen anything of him) he is really very good. PAC should have been kept he had the great name look and ability to make it on the flip side Neville is the name of the Neville brothers dad and we know they are both cunts. They seem to want people to have one name like Madonna, Cher, Pele and of course the greatest of all Grado
  13. I don't do it for pretentious reasons its just how i know them for example the guys on NXT i don't know their new names only El Generico etc i don't even do it to be annoying
  14. Surely someone has commented about the slut that wants to "wrap the nut in no voters" getting elected what the fuck has happened to our country?
  15. being deadly serious Ronaldo at that age was still doing all the fancy flicks and skill moves and hadn't matured into the beast he is today Depay may go through that as well. I don't expect him to reach that level or come close to it tbh i don't think he will end up as good as the Hazard etc tier of players but he has a good future ahead of him. Why the fuck aren't Manure signing a central defender though?
  16. Fair enough i think he is really good tbh he could become a star imo
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