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  1. Have to agree about the man city matchday experience, been a few times to the etihad an it's fantastic
  2. Bar none across from the hotel riviera is a cracking wee bears boozers has rangers TV showing all the games
  3. Just started listening to the show every night , love the cultural tunes
  4. Really enjoyed the first 30 mins with fast free flowing football but I still think we are way too lightweight in the middle of the park. Halliday was very impressive but holt , McKay , law an temps were far too lightweight against a big strong physical burnley side. Jury is still out on Kiernan but it's his first game but tavernier was superb. Wag horn had some nice turns but the boys only trained once so give him a chance, overall I'm quite optimistic about this season as we won't meet a team of burnleys calibre all season in Scotland
  5. Was gutted when we let Tuguy go as IMO he was head n shoulders better than ferguson at that time
  6. Will be attending southport walk on the 11th always a cracking day out
  7. How the fuck has Foster got 15 votes to stay???
  8. He said twice in his words we absolutely battered them in both games an that he grew up supporting us but he now supports Motherwell. Came across as a wee ned to be honest
  9. Mayweather easy on points , manny will start fast but floyd will counter punch him all night
  10. Don't rate him much decent shot stopper but fucking Dracula came for more crosses than bell
  11. I'm sure Vuckic is out of contract in June
  12. Great wee video that loved the albertz free kick not seen it in for a while,fucking belter of a hit
  13. Just waiting for his tweet saying he's been sectioned under the mental health act, absolute fucking crackpot
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