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  1. I hope you'll be here in Bursa..After that your all thoughts will be changed in your mind.. Then please come to this forum and write your comments..
  2. actually nowadays weather is crazy in Turkey and most of matches' kick of at 2100 or 2200 There is no problem for us.. But in December, probably game will be played in very cold conditions.. We can watch a snowy game
  3. @yermaw145 you dont have to love any other team.. I respect.. @tom1780 Almira Hotel and Kirci Hotel are the nearest good hotels... By the way, We beat Sivas with 2-0 and we made 3 wins..This is our first time 3/3.. Volkan Sen and Ali Tandogan scored our goals..
  4. thanks man for your wishes..We'll be pleased to see your team and supporters in Bursa that team was fenerbahce.. here its link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7WWrFFUQUQ
  5. sorry guys, but you'll be 4th.. this is our year.. We'll get at least 4 points from rangers
  6. of course there will be no problem.. even if you are an Israel citizen, you'll have no problem
  7. Sure we have extremist fans But only in our arena.. You'll see our hospitality.. But only outside our arena
  8. you mean marmara sea or anything else? after you land, you can take a taxi to ferry-port (Yenikapi ferry station) in december there are only two trips from Yenikapi to Bursa (Mudanya ferry station) at 7.30am and 5.30pm after ferry trip, you can get to Bursa in 15 mins to any hotel..
  9. - We will be there as many as you allow to foreign supporters.. it can be more than 10000 if you allow - Bursa is the hometown of Turkish Doner.. So you can find best doners in Bursa.. I recommend to eat at ISKENDER.. I can help you:) - We also want Lacoste to support us.. But actually now we dont have any brand on our shirts - Our stadium capacity is 25600..
  10. Hi folks, I'm fan of Bursaspor from Turkey.. Any questions about city, stadium, travel tips will be answered friendly.
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