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  1. Thought that was Hagis best game in a while, put himself about and didnt stop, Jack or Bassey for my MOTM, Hellander usual cool self, McGregor largely untroubled, Aribo scored and that was about all he contributed, Kent could possibly have had the day off Defoes goal and Tavs ball were World Class.
  2. I hear what your saying mate but they hit the post and missed a sitter, this game could easily be 2-1 just now.
  3. Not a reference to Kemar Roofe but would would still like to see us having a hit from outside the box.
  4. If they ever decided to come out I feel they would be destroyed.
  5. Oh Dear How Sad Never Mind 😂😂😂😂
  6. Many have said it, he needs dropped, rested call it what you will, needs to lose weight, get fitter, get his head down and get back into the team on merit, right now he’s getting a game for nothing and I think we have better options available.
  7. Never seen us score from the opposition half in all my years, absolutely outstanding effort.
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