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  1. Im pretty sure Patterson could play further forward, let Tav stay where he usually plays and push Patterson further up.
  2. This ref is having a mare, that was a good goal there for Dortmund
  3. Ill tell you what’s a stranger comment, yours saying he’s worth £15 million.
  4. The only team that would pay good money for an injury prone player is us sadly.
  5. Some achievement, well done Steven 👍
  6. £££££££££££ 👍 Good luck to all of them.
  7. Step back from the keyboard, the first thing a team from nowadays would have to do is get the ball off the 70s Brazil team.
  8. You can only really comment on what you have seen, folks that never seen them would find it hard to compare Baxter / Ferguson or Colin Stein or Derek Johnstone to Hateley never mind the likes of Meiklejohn, Shearer, Caldow, Henderson etc. we could be here all day, Im comfortable with the fact that I have had the pleasure of watching so many Great Rangers over the years and look forward to hopefully seeing many more. No disrespect to the current team but I wouldnt put any of them into the all time Greatest 11 Anyway John Greig is immortal and Sandy Jardine not far behind. 😉
  9. I thought Jamie Ritchie was different Class although there were plenty of excellent performances.
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