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  1. Is Goldson Bi Polar or something, Its either shite or sugar with him.
  2. That’ll need to do, I would have settled for that at half time.
  3. No idea how this dud at left back can keep Borna out the Croatia team.
  4. Unbelievable how rotten this mob are
  5. We aren’t on the best of terms with the BBC, It aint changing anytime soon.
  6. We would be doing handsprings if we were 2 up at halftime away to a French team, its a great result for them so far.
  7. Getting taken to the games by my Older Brother and being lifted over at the turnstiles, used to meet up with my Uncle and Cousin both sadly no longer with us who would come down from East Kilbride on the Calderwood Bus from The Salmon Leap. Always bottom of Stairway 2 Midweek games in the dark, walking down Edmiston Drive from Helen Street with the floodlights shining through the mist or light fog, absolutely magical as a youngster. Chipmunk Crisps, Macaroon Bars, Spearmint Chewing Gum, Invalid Cars round the track, Halftime scores on the perimeter wall checked in the progr
  8. That goal will never get old.
  9. Sure Gogzy but this pish about not getting out of second gear is exactly that, if we are capable and I believe we are, we should be burying these teams.
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