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  1. Your clutching at straws there if you are suggesting the pish we are watching is down to pacing ourselves or conserving energy.
  2. This shite are rock bottom of the league and watching this there is fuck all in it between the teams.
  3. Good luck to Goldson in the EFL because thats as good as it will get for him, He’ll never play for a bigger club than us and he’ll win fuck all else in his career if he moves on.
  4. When they were trying to assemble it like something from Ikea or a Kinder Egg I was wondering what the fuck is going on.
  5. One of the most bizarre things Ive seen at Ibrox.
  6. The manager unsurprisingly said he played well today 😩
  7. Im fucked if I know how you coach someone to try and get on the end of countless aimless crosses into a box defended by numerous giants.
  8. The lead up to the goal and the goal itself is a comedy of errors, not a particularly funny comedy from our point of view.
  9. How many actual saves did their keeper have to make today πŸ€”
  10. If he played for that mob we would be absolutely pishing ourselves.
  11. Your right mate but its debatable whether he would get a game under the current system, if it even is a system.
  12. And we send Katic out on loan, some cunt needs their books.
  13. Even in a descent first half we look fragile and gave up chances.
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