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  1. Can we keep this on topic
  2. Yes but lots of folk plead guilty or accept it at the 1st hurdle. Everyone thats plead not guilty has got away with it (tu)
  3. Yet again, the largest and most loyal away support in world football will mobilise this weekend. Rangers travel to Yorkshire to take on Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough on Sunday. The official allocation is 7800, but many more bears are set to follow follow. Quite incredible for a pre-season friendly! The moonhowlers and gutter press will be scouring social media to grab any screenshots or videos of any behaviour that has been deemed as unacceptable in a bid to ruin the lives of members of the PUL community, based on a hatred of our beliefs, and their jealousy of the club we follow.
  4. Its zebra you will need to contact rather than Rangers im sure
  5. Ferguson bitter about being snubbed for number 2 position shock
  6. IB are a new site set up to defend the Rangers community similar to other sites that currently operate with respect. They are only a few months old but slowly getting there now. But with any site they need the support from the wider fan base to get recognised. Id ask everyone to give them a follow on facebook and twitter for wider exposure. Because without the fanbase we can't defeat our enemy alone. Take a look at ᴵᵐᵖᵉʳⁱᵃˡ ᴮᵉᵃʳˢ (@imperialbears): https://twitter.com/imperialbears?s=09 http://imperialbears.co.uk/
  7. Wank Grass Attention seeker Message ends
  8. .edit. just remembered this is open forum ?
  9. Anyone know what time pubs allowed to sell booze from on sundays??
  10. Why dont you head to a pub in KP to watch it? Or the hut :D
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