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  1. Got the TaylorMade RBZ HL a couple weeks ago. Been at range with it a few times and hitting it really well. Adjustable head and i think ive settled on the 10.5 degree loft. Really getting it in the air now and strait (ish) 😂
  2. When we arrived my first thought was the wall but after the first hole it was the greens that were the worry. They were so hard to putt on. Great condition but probably the hardest greens to read. 2 folk are saying 2 cups to the left. Sother 2 are saying 2 to the right so that gives you an idea on how hard they were 😂😂😂
  3. Golf day Saturday at auchterarder. Never played it but heard good things about it. Just hope its not wet like today.
  4. Have you seen much of him? On our most important season for decades would you really want to put that pressure on the youth?
  5. Played 18 yesterday. Got a medal today. Done not too bad in last weeks net 75
  6. Net 75 in mh first medal on Saturday.
  7. New GPS watch coming this week. Garmin approach x10. Club house golf are doing these for 99 quid now
  8. Got my first ever official handicap earlier. 25. Need to work hard rest of season to get that down as know im so much better than that but gives me something to work on now. Entered my first competition for next week.
  9. @RFC RYAN That driver cover is a cracker. Might order that actually.👍🇬🇧 @SkylineBlue Ive been watching his videos. Very entertaining and good reviews on things. @born a blue nose That same rick shiels as mentioned above orderes one of these drivers of wish and was fake as fuck😂😂
  10. If not bothered about price range amazon are selling union jack ones. Ive been looking at these
  11. Skelf


    Question on mygers (not for me) Someone i know joined the mygers to get on season ticket waiting list. Do folk that sign up get pushed to the front as they have paid 50 quid to join mygers?
  12. Joined haggs a few weeks ago. Course looking in good condition. 2 cards left to get in to get my handicap. Back out with @kplfishtank on Saturday (If not raining) 👀
  13. I think we stopped using it years ago
  14. According to "sources" on ff he is currently in rosshall. Rosshall being mentioned should put rumour to bed 😂😂😂
  15. Just read through this there. It was always going to be 3pm ffs.
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