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  1. We have a Movie thread and a TV thread but need one dedicated to Netflix imo. Anything good you've watched on it, new additions etc get it told in here. I watched Abducted in Plain Sight the other night. Absolutely mind-boggling story and defo worth a watch. Couldn't believe some of the stupidity of the family in it.
  2. Agreed mate! I personally never ever wear green, dont like the colour at all. I also wouldnt ever wear a Northern Ireland top, but if I did get 1, it would only ever be the blue away 1. Cant understand people wearing it tbh.
  3. 1 of our own in the Rangers 1st team This is truly a proud day for Rangers Media.
  4. Amac....the poster on here from Northern Ireland ?
  5. I thought I recognised the name Tried to sneak through the security but got swiftly KB'd lol Ended up walking round to where the buses were to find a pub but bumped into someone selling a ticket Got in 10mins after kick off, Lisbon Lions Lower! Cheers for attempting to sneak me through that night mate, helping a fellow Bear n all that RangersandArsenal still post on here ? No seen him in a wee while.
  6. Are you the person I met at the OF game at the piggery, the 'shame game'? You were with 'RangersandArsenal' ? Or am I confusing ye with someone else ?
  7. Spoke to Mo Edu and Bougherra coming out of Karbon. Shook Alan Huttons hand in Blue Lagoon. Met Charlie Adam outside silver. Seen John Fleck in Silver. Drove past wee Novo in Jordanhill aswell lol
  8. Bursaspor can get tae fuck! 600k for Whittaker is a disgraceful offer. Imagine we accepted this, and then tried to buy a right back from the English Premier League, 600k wouldnt even scratch the surface of what we would be expected to pay!
  9. Holding my daughter for the 1st time comes tops. That said, it is closely followed by many moments to do with the Rangers....what joy they have given me! Next would be stuff like - being on holiday with the lads, 1st time I took an eccy, and sexual related matters
  10. Just read online there about another group of young British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, and recognised one of the names... Lance Corporal Martin Gill - a Royal Marine shot dead in Helmand. Met him along with a few other Royals on holiday in Malia in 2009, got on the same flight as me and stayed in the same hotel! Our 2 groups often hung around by the pool and on nights out and had a right laugh, he was a top lad. It was just really shocking to see someone I know being killed in action like that. Ironically, my best mate is at home this week on leave, before a tour of duty in Afghanistan ne
  11. Watched the game in Albert Square, can hardly remember any of it though cause I was that pished. Missed the 1st 15minutes of the 2nd half aswell because I was sitting on the ground KO'd. Im sure iv seen the goals on youtube, and vaguely remember someone missing a chance for us near the end, Novo or McCulloch? What a day it was though, just a pity we went out with such a whimper !
  12. Do you know if you have to have a season ticket or be a member of the Travel Club to book this mate ? Cheers
  13. Hes no angel and has done things in the past which would qualify for him being called a scumbag. But im only judging him on how he conducted himself here, and he never once let us down. He lived up to the reputation and standards we have, so he gets a thumbs up from me for that. If Walter Smith (the definition of class) trusted/thought enough of him to sign him, then its good enough for me.
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