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  1. Stephen McGinn...dyed in the wool taig and grandson of former chairman Jack McGinn comes on and gives away a foul right on the edge of the box when the taigs are stuttering to a draw against Hibs. Who could have imagined that? Dirty fenian you know the rest.
  2. They're not playing in the league this weekend mate, they're playing the semi final from last season but I get your point lol
  3. Won the ball clean as you like, minimal contact with that prick Ajer who made a meal of it. Aye the speed he went in was rash but not a chance that was a red and I'd expect it to be rescinded but won't hold my breath.
  4. Video footage now of Johnny Russell the Scotland striker in the pub singing along to that Grace song about the IRA...will be getting a start now off Steve Clarke for that.
  5. Not once have I seen any taig fan condemn their own 'ultras' group for unnecessarily antagonising Lazios support, so fuck them all. It's been pleasant reading and viewing. I think they expected Rome to roll out the red carpet for them but instead are getting stabbed all over the place from they Lazio Protestants
  6. Uck yer arse. Could have been a stadium full of bears and it wouldn't have stopped the players being shite.
  7. Needing a name swap on flights and hotels aswell mate? If so let me know
  8. hibs have done what they do best and....hibsed it. Actual can't believe how shite they are. Pathetic club.
  9. Obviously too hard for people to comprehend.
  10. Well he isn't an EHO so I doubt that he has that authority. What he will have done though is recommend what works are needed to be carried out and im sure that would have been on the list.
  11. I'm perfectly calm mate. Your right, tims do have the habit of making up pish rumours about us but unfortunately this isn't one.
  12. The same applies what? You just keep on submising to suit your clouded judgement and I'll listen to my professionally trained mate who has spent extensive time in the place in an exclusive manner
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