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  1. Been a member for 11 years ya clown. Nice try though
  2. Anyone know how to go about sorting this? Taking the wee man to the game tomorrow for his birthday. Also taking my other son to his first game, both mygers members which I thought I had read somewhere was a requirement.
  3. What a finish from Dillian Whyte. Looked dangerous all night and boxed well taking into account Povetkins heavy hands which caused the upset last time. Quite a likeable guy aswell.
  4. Surprised and disappointed no ones said - The 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot yet.
  5. Voted to win it at their dump. I'm working this weekend and would be gutted at missing all the festivities so would love to be able to watch us winning it live later in the month.
  6. Fuckin brilliant Where is this gonna fly over?
  7. Much are you punting the wife's scants for? Might be interested. Good post !
  8. Buzzing for this game tonight. Missed European games a lot these past few months. Anyone else fighting the urge to crack open the beers already?
  9. Hes there himself but cause he's got Naepal.
  10. Absolute disgrace the pair of them tonight. Crocker is a fat taig apologist and he was absolutely spewing that Morelos scored the winner. Doesn't even try to hide the disappointment in his voice when Rangers win. Harping on every 2 seconds about the Morelos stamp and egging on the compliance officer to take retrospective action...absolute amateur hour and desperate stuff. Get it up them.
  11. Stephen McGinn...dyed in the wool taig and grandson of former chairman Jack McGinn comes on and gives away a foul right on the edge of the box when the taigs are stuttering to a draw against Hibs. Who could have imagined that? Dirty fenian you know the rest.
  12. I agree with everything you said but just want to point out I used to go into Rolls Royce quite often for a couple of seasons and I was never a member. Pedantic loyal.
  13. Horrific news. Genuinely shocked and saddened to hear this. Rest easy Marius.
  14. 3 points is the main thing and grinding out wins when not at our best is something in which we have failed to do in recent seasons so I'm delighted. As usual, in the heat of the moment during the game I can be overly critical as I kick every ball with the team but on reflection it really was a professional job and the win is the most important thing. This squad is looking great atm and long may it continue.
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