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  1. That will be why he wanted the free kick then. Scored a similar one against Man City as well I think.
  2. No idea why he let Fabinho hit the next free kick.
  3. I thought Dracula might have been next to freddy crawling out of the box but it doesn't look like a coffin.
  4. Frankenstein. The group of people with the pitchforks?
  5. I think you're right mate, the butterfly on the lamppost is surely silence of the lambs. Either that or the butterfly effect.
  6. Red car next to the exorcist is Christine I think
  7. I've just started hiding things now for a laugh tbh. Walk out of the chill later on in the day with a few pints of milk and let everybody go mental over it.
  8. The Morrison's I work in mate has Amazon deliveries now and they are pretty much taking everything as it comes in. No rules on any per customer either.
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