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  1. Thats the only one i could get as well mate. Still says on it that it is proof you have been jagged twice so surely it is good enough.
  2. Did you hear what the excuse was? There are lines all over the place when something like this happen but suddenly they dont have the camera angle.
  3. Everybody seems to running with restock these days with the amount of stuns at the end of games now.
  4. Early game it's pretty much a necessity mate but after the second loadout comes in, everybody has ghost apart from late gulag players.
  5. Everyone will have ghost in late game anyway mate, heartbeats are only decent before people get their load outs.
  6. Heartbeat sensor mate, you can put this on your loadout in your tactical slot like smoke grenades and flash grenades.
  7. That will be why he wanted the free kick then. Scored a similar one against Man City as well I think.
  8. No idea why he let Fabinho hit the next free kick.
  9. I normally set up as Jack sitting with hagi in front of him and Kent and Jones out wide, also if you play Defoe the l2 and r1 finesse shot is deadly.
  10. Are you going Rangers on seasons mate? If so, then just go 41212 wide. Try and play one twos with Morelos and Defoe and you should cut teams open.
  11. Ref watch was quite funny for the fred one today. That dermot gallagher trying to say that fred was theatrical in his movement going down. He got volleyed in the shin, it shouldn't matter how he went down.
  12. I don't see how that is a penalty, clearly hit his shoulder.
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