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  1. Everybody seems to running with restock these days with the amount of stuns at the end of games now.
  2. Early game it's pretty much a necessity mate but after the second loadout comes in, everybody has ghost apart from late gulag players.
  3. Everyone will have ghost in late game anyway mate, heartbeats are only decent before people get their load outs.
  4. Heartbeat sensor mate, you can put this on your loadout in your tactical slot like smoke grenades and flash grenades.
  5. Pretty sure they cunts got a penalty in the Scottish cup against us last year and, Mccrorie got sent off when he tackled him outside of the box but dembele waited until he got into the box to fall.
  6. They play Barcelona at the nou camp on the Sunday after our game mate, I'm hoping they rest a few players again.
  7. Fs mate, lucky you took him to the hospital then.
  8. The good old days. Fucking magic bullets.
  9. That's fighting talk lol. @The Godfather, @Ayrshire True Blue, @Lisburn Rangers. I'll set a new one up tonight and see if we can get a few friendlies before 19 comes out.
  10. Really poor this year mate, we normally have 4 players and easily made division 1 the last couple of years but this years defending was woeful.
  11. Normally there is about 4 of us and we mostly play in division 1 every year.
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