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  1. as long as pressure abuse is not of fifa 12 then am happy its embarrasing people that use circle the whole game use have no skill
  2. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan


    calm down campers its only a game
  3. this is what u get for making a thread before the league is done thats was why c*ltic players got ripped for sayin were the better team and looked what happened always w8 til the end of the season to start something like this but if we did lose the league all the points the op made were true
  4. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan


    MOONEY93_FTP add that and we shall see whos better
  5. oh really haha who told u about us omg were famous serious who told u about us
  6. cheers m8 hoping to go for the cup as well am in the final of that.
  7. he said that he will put 25 million into the club to mccoist to spend but keep the debt! imo bad man that is just imo
  8. i wonder if jim whyte will be on sky sports tomorrow. it would be funny to see his reaction after it finally does go through.just imagine him reporting it lol
  9. ma clubs got 4 players in it. we play normal 4 at the back formations and all our vps are forward players.no vp goalkeeper . we r on everynight wen the psn is back up and all my tournaments on rangers media are finished
  10. shut the fuck up. u only come on this 2 moan ya sad cunt
  11. ur doors gettin kicked in m8 for sayin that f word and makin a sectarain hate song haha bullshit :chopometer:
  12. signed come kick ma door and all get u done for vandalism
  13. dont play against big dodgy laff m8. hes shite and u would never get ur player
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