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  1. 1. Rubbish we do wear the Poppy and we are Proud to be British 2. No its not fine 3. What a load of shite Rangers fans are spot on supporting our troops and our Country I am an English ( British) United fan by the way
  2. To the tune of Amarillo! When the day is dawning, o. A scousers Monday morning. How I long to be there, the bottom 3 is waiting for me there. All around the city, where I lay my hat. They say thanks to Torres, the useless Spanish twwwaaat! Is this the way to relegation? The laughing stock of the nation. Dreaming dreams of trips to Preston, days out in Scunthorpe wait for me........
  3. We will win the league You heard it here first
  4. Evening Gers Just a note to say that I have been on this forum for a few weeks now and I have to say that Its second to none The banter on here is spot on as well Apart from the football its great to be amongst people who love our Country and Support our troops Put a lot of my English pals to shame you do Will be sticking around on here
  5. Well in mate Bin Dippers FC 1 Seasiders 2 Quality
  6. Same here mate a good night was had by all
  7. Here we go Ahem Read below the findings From a recent survey Confirmation of fact Manchester Location: A Manchester location was taken as being resident in the ‘M’ postal area. Ticket holders in ‘M’ postal area Manchester City 6,678 4 Manchester United 7,808 This shows that numerically there are more Manchester United season ticket holders living in the ‘M’ postal area. As such, a randomly-selected Season Ticket holder in the M postal area is more likely to be a Manchester United fan North West Location Given knowledge about the dispersal of city communities and the influence of Manchester
  8. There is no chance on this earth that you are a match going Liverpool fan or know much about the club FFS Lots of fans have sung it City, Leeds, Everton, Stoke etc As I said before in the 70s and eighties the 'whole' Kop used to sing it. I also remember the Munich 58 flags you used to take on your european 'jaunts'. Any older football fans on this forum will verify that. It only stopped after Hillsboro however it still gets sung. 2008 at old trafford you lot sung it in the concourse and had a blow up aeroplane (that was on you tube) You even sung Munich at your Spirit of Shankley shindig la
  9. Good post mate Be fantastic for both teams to go through I think somepeople forget that Fergie is also a Rangers man
  10. We will win the league mate Anything else is a bonus
  11. First bit is Bollocks mate Second bit agree However United always start slow and Everyone slags us off United for the Prem and CL Reckon the best result for the Gers is for us to win Really hope we both go through
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