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  1. I live in Manchester. Alright, I'll travel nearly 300 miles to Scotland to meet one lad for a ticket. Fucking hell. I'm not going to the game because I'm boycotting home games because of the Glazers, so I cant meet on the day. If you dont want them I'll move on. Thought you'd be interested.
  2. Lads, I'm not 100 % if it's in the East Stand now. Just got a text saying they could be somewhere else. I cant let you know till a few days time. If you're interested text me and i'll save your number. Thanks
  3. But they're in the United end. However as they're in the East Stand, they're right next to the away end so a jib into Rangers end is possible I've only got one at the moment, but it's likely I'll get another soon. Anyways if you want them then text me on Cheers
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