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  1. i don't remember you're name. but yeah, the dylan avatar seems familar. i know, its dylan not exactly an unfamilar face. i look forward to more arguments
  2. i know. not gonna lie, seen that colin had a facebook and felt it was time for a wee catch up. although there are so many new faces. xx
  3. That would mean that the long lost poster must have a GPS thingy and a radar to pick up your thread. Just wouldn't want her to think that everyone is still gossiping about her yeah that RM tracking device CR made me buy has really came in handy. how do you think he managed to get over here so much.
  4. heya going to see toy story 3 tonight. in 3d and everything. £1.35 extra. what is the world coming too? hope everyone is good. xx
  5. i think they are a brilliant live band. went to see them in belfast last year.
  6. i seen he also has a facebook. and sneddon is a liar, the hovercraft was just an excuse. he actually just fell down the stairs going down to his basemaent. how else do you think he got caught and the kids got out?
  7. sneddon you don't count in the "hi all who do and don't know me" hi laura and jonnyboyrfc xxx
  8. mad dog! who had a bebo saying how much he loved kilmarnock or something?? haha
  9. i just seen this. i have never been happier. ever.
  10. thank you is there a lot of RM gossip i should be filled in on?
  11. woah, not been on this in agers. thought i'd come and creep the forum see how it was going. hardly recognised anyone but still see some threads going strong lol. wrestling for one. couldn't see the pub though. anyways, hiya to everyone who doesn't know me and hi to all who do know me. hope everyone is well. xxxx
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