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  1. Freedom of speach is what WE want. ffs Ronaldo rapes a woman in Vegas and it's no big deal... We sing a song... and the world is over. The world -- in general -- needs to get a grip and focus on what matters. Lives, Poverty, Homelessness...
  2. I agree with you mate. I would just say.. Never associate true Rangers legends like John Greig to someone as clueless as Pedro. ?
  3. We are The Rangers. Can't tolerate to even think about a draw. One game at at time mind... but these matches -- and wins -- would be fantastic for confidence... and keeping the pressure on the scum.
  4. Nonsense. He didn't fuck us like Naismith/Whittaker Singlehandledy won us this tie
  5. Good goals from Josh -- must be said. Penalty is a goal against anyone. Second.. a wee bit fortuituous. Third.. very well taken. All in all .. professional result on a shite pitch (no disrepect FFC... but it ain't Ibrox).. and I hope a good night had by some proper people
  6. What we should expect of our great club. Well done.
  7. PLG did not understand Rangers or our rivalry with the scum. He said that the role of an OF Captain was overrated That was the beginning of the end for me. I just knew he didn't get it But highly rated when he came to us. I remember thinking ffs. We got him? Delighted i was But has done fuck all since.
  8. Good luck to him. I liked Pedro He tried to play the hard man a wee bit but that didn't work. But i have no doubt he does have integrity Job just too big and complex for him
  9. ffs . jumped to the last page .. hoping this wasn't true. Hopefully the wee man is ok.
  10. Cmon mate you know what i mean. And many bears on this thread slagging him off... It ain't about boyd. Like i said. The spirit of the article is right. Just like fire and fury. Not perfect but pretty much spot on n'est ce pas?
  11. No mate. The spirit of it is what i agree with
  12. Fuck all wrong with that article. Well said
  13. Id take that side we have there right now Some fucking players we had
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