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  1. Potdog

    FIFA 21

    Anytime I try this I sky it or smack it wide by miles 😂
  2. Potdog

    FIFA 21

    I have the exact same problem man people always know where I'm gonna shoot haha
  3. Literally every cunt involved in Scottish media as soon as Morelos is involved in anything.
  4. Honestly think Lee Wallace should be invited I know some other bears might disagree.
  5. Must of lost that weight the media keeps claiming he gains when he's on a dry spell.
  6. I said that the response i got "we don't accept no winning things like yous do" deluded to the core but if it keeps wee lenny in a job there then whatever haha they will come crashing down to earth by next week.
  7. celtic fans trying to convince themselves that the cup final is a turning point
  8. Genuinely had one them message me like "Aw fuck 10iar we have won 12" some amount of cope from them haha apparently the quad treble will be "remembered for generations" according to him
  9. Can see stubbs getting the job tbf
  10. Getting blm protest vibes from their protest no doubt the media will describe them as peaceful the morra in the paper.
  11. Can honestly see them pulling this angle soon.
  12. To be digging in his heels and stropping about when he knows how important a season this is for the fans i don't see why he deserves respect when he isn't showing any he's signed till 2023 yet he's acting like it's the last year of his contract and we are just hanging onto him for the sake of it.
  13. he's picked a belter of a season to throw his toys out the pram...
  14. posted this just as the bastards scored haha
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