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  1. Hmm, wonder if this is genuine? Anyone on here going to give it a go? Think i might overnight and tomorrow, what harm could it do...
  2. Thought i'd bump this thread, helped me a lot
  3. If you're up for splashing out £33 ... 13" Hamster ball
  4. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=167332
  5. Obviously, but we do make it hard for ourselves a lot of the time.
  6. First of all, i'm taking nothing away from a tremendous victory for the Champions today! It was brilliant. However, does anyone else find it a concern that we've went behind in five(?) SPL matches, before winning? Obviously it's not been a problem as of yet, with a 100% SPL record and a pretty impreseive CL record so far this season, but i think this could cost us if we were to start slow in say any of our future CL group stage games. Thoughts? As i said, i'm taking nothing away from today, and i do completely admire the NO SURRENDER attitude of the players!
  7. :lol: this is not for the actual online, it's for the pre-order! GAAAWD! :L
  8. Just say aye, i'll pay you when i'm back then. Then either do a runner, or if they say pick up a glass bottle and walk towards you (last season at Parkhead! ) give them 50p and yer sorted!
  9. It is shite!! Honestly, most of it was more funny than scary, thought both of them have been really bad! Would not recommend it at all.
  10. He get's incredibly unfair criticism sometimes ... times near the beginning of the first half that everything seemed to be his fault and other players (Davis for one) seemed to be immune from criticism. After he makes one mistake the fans seem to get on his back an awful lot, so i'm glad he got the goal to get the fans back on his side! I would love for him to do well!
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