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  1. Does anyone know if the official day trip has sold out?
  2. Aye it seems that way, heading to the arena bar anyway
  3. In Gibraltar just now, quite quiet in terms of Rangers fans. Anyone know where most bears will be heading tonight? Seen the arena sports bar was posted above.
  4. Any idea what time the bus would pick up in Faro? Might book the flight that gets in at 10.10am on the Tuesday, if that's when the game is.
  5. Are most people who are flying to Budapest on Wednesday staying there on Wednesday night or in Osijek
  6. No really to be honest, would've been nice if they killed it last week!
  7. About £210, haven't booked a flight home from Luton yet. Wednesday to Friday.
  8. Took the risk. Got Edi-Basel-Osijek booked for the way out and Budapest-Luton on the way home.
  9. Was going to post similar to this, spot on. I'm usually first to defend Wes, but he shat it in the second half playing in front of them.
  10. Prick and a total shitebag. Worst thing is he seems to be in Pedro's plans.
  11. If we get through then we are at home on the 13th July, and away the 20th (unless they change the day like they have for next week's game).
  12. Red Imps away would be at Faro. They confirmed it on their twitter.
  13. A city with good weather, easy enough travel routes and not crazy expensive. Dont think getting all of them is a realistic expectation, id be happy with 2 out of 3.
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