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  1. What a sunday! Amazing..... I learned so much just from watching them and went out this morning and shot my best ever scratch score (78) *Should have been 73 - dont ask* I guess you could say I had an alright view of the first hole...... can actually see me going mental when mcilroys drops on the replays.. https://www.facebook...202900538773739 <--- Video of some approaches into the first (make sure to click HD) Got a good video of sergs put on 16 for the eagle aswell
  2. why did we bring boyd back. could of employed a scarecrow to stand inbetween there 2 central defenders and not move....
  3. distinct lack of yes no answers and question dodging, sounds like a politician
  4. What about their stamp in peraltas BOABIE?! goes unpunished ffs
  5. I hope so, cunts cost me £130 today ! ive a mind to write a strongly worded letter to Moyes himself!
  6. Classy display from glasgow in the mexican national anthem there
  7. Im happy for any club that goes bust to get NO help from the spl and start in div 3 again......... its only fair looking forward to seeing if they get transfer embargos and all that shite though
  8. that was the most lakidasical finish i have ever seen, no conviction at all
  9. how are they not down to 9 men??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? what the fuck
  10. where was the motherwell defence there, wee aird drifted past the whole lot
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