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  1. Could see both of them being "rested" tonight.
  2. Never met the man but cried at the news this morning. I am so glad he saw us win 55.
  3. We were much better last week and dropped 2 points, which sums up football. In an ideal world we get good performances and 3 points but if we can only get one of these I know I am happier now that I was at the end of the Hearts game.
  4. When they scored I wasn't as there was 87 minutes to go. Once we got to 40 minutes and hadn't really created much I was starting to get concerned. Was happy to get back level for HT, leading a massive bonus.
  5. Only half of them chanting, the other half were too thick to learn the words.
  6. Thanks. I am assuming if they got away with a light touch Rangers will do the same this evening. Sounds like it is worth the gamble.
  7. Does anyone know if the tarriers checked everyone for vaccine passport or a random sample. Reason for asking is friend of my son was going with us tonight but just discovered he isn't double jabbed. Was wondering if worth risk him travelling to Glasgow.
  8. Actually no you wouldn't. You would need to go across the city as we would do the same.
  9. Longer it stays 1-0 the more they will come into tge game. Last 10 minutes could be very nervous if score still them same.
  10. I thought Kamara held the ball too long before releasing him.
  11. I'm fed up with us never shooting from outside the box.
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