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  1. I haven't seen any of their games. Would you say that the Colts are playing the same format and style as the first team. I am really hoping our footballing philosophy is being driven right through the club thus preparing any of these lads that are good enough to step up to the first team.
  2. Why the he'll are BBC reporting match abandoned in their web site results.
  3. Reminds me of the Souness era. Souness was the big name that got players interested in signing for us but Walter was the workhorse behind the scenes. I suspect Gerrard/Beale is similar although I think Gerrard is more involved in the overall football structure improvements than Souness was. Souness also came in when we needed to revamp the whole football structure. Walter stepped up when Souness left at short notice and was a great success, Beale would be a gamble but is could work the same way.
  4. We would never get him, he will be looking for a top 6 EPL gig.
  5. That explanation does not make sense, even if you accept the need for gradual build up. If the tarriers had 50% of their safety limit at their first game which was 9,000 makes their 100% 18k. They have been allowed 18,500 for West Ham. Let's not quibble over the 500 discrepancy but means they have jumped direct to 100% for second game. If 8,500 is our 50% how come we are not allowed 100% of 17k for our second game versus Real Madrid
  6. But these decisions do effect our income as friendlies are not on ST. If we were allowed say 15,000 each game that would be an extra 10,000 tickets to sell over the weekend. Not sure of prices as not going but probably £250k to £300k lost income.
  7. Absolutely. In the 70s many buses stayed in Aberdeen until midnight and then travelled home in the early hours. The road network was poorer then and Central belt to Aberdeen was about 4 hours for a bus. We used to go to pubs and dancing and the local girls turned out while the local guys were nowhere to be seen. I remember one night hundreds of bears were queuing to get into the Palace nightclub and with about 100 of us left to get in the manager declared it was full. The senior plod present went up to him and said "No you are not, I want them in there not out here" referring to us bears
  8. Interestingly I would put Hateley's goal that night as the better of the two goals, although both were excellent.
  9. Would have made no difference in my opinion. I honestly believe Whyte bought us with the sole purpose of liquidating us and selling the assets to his pal Green for a song allowing them both to make personal financial gains. This was why they were both initially charged with organised criminality however the Procurator Fiscal couldn't make a case so charges were dropped. If you remember the administators appointed by Whyte had Green as a preferred purchaser and wouldn't deal with anyone else, like the Sale Sharks owner. Easy in hindsight but I was suspicious of Whyte from day one. No busi
  10. How only 14 months. Surely it must be since March 2020 like the rest of us.
  11. Hai always been an I interesting one for me. Obviously has talent but I don't think he contributes enough to any game. Could grow into a great player but not there yet.
  12. Reminds me of the kids joke. Three football fans lost in the desert and the come over the carcass of a dead camel. The Liverpool fans says since I am a LIVERpool fan I should eat the liver and the Hearst fan says ok I'll eat the HEART. The ARSEnal fan says he's not hungry.
  13. Cluj look like they could be the first team to benefit from change in the away goal rule. Won 3-1 at home last week and lost 2-0 tonight. Would be out on away goals but currently playing ET.
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