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  1. Not as confident as you there will be any punishment, unless Police Scotland say there is a case to answer. UEFA will wait until close season and put out a statement about insufficient evidence to charge the player.
  2. Not that I wish Slavia to proceed but an Arsenal win takes the pressure off UEFA. Once Slavia are out of the competition and not playing in a UEFA tournament they will kick a decision into the long grass in the hope it gets forgotten about. They will then produced a completely bland outcome to their investigation in the close season. I am surprised they didn't ban Kudela for 2 games which would have taken him out of this round completely. If Slavia put Arsenal out and reach the semis then there is a real risk of them being in tge final or even winning it. UEFA would be under m
  3. Do by match day income do you mean catering, as it won't bring in any gate receipts unless it is a full stadium. Anything less than 40k would becST holders only on some ballot basis. As STs are already paid for this brings in no additional revenue however will carry costs through staffing and security. I suspect it is not a commercial decision except to give fans confidence that their investment in ST for 21/22 is a valid outlay of cash.
  4. Summer of 2024 takes us to 58 unless you expect us to miss out one year. Pedantic loyal
  5. Going with the approach of the Scottish Government I genuinely don't think we will have full crowds next season. I could see the season starting at 10k and building up to full near the end of the season. Hope I am wrong but the current government are mot going to open society up any time soon.
  6. You should date better trained birds
  7. Have to say I thought they always did, hence the reason they have won 13 leagues in a row and reached CL semis last season.
  8. Not watching it mate, just opened link to get score update just as taking the penalty for 4. Didn't realise it was the 2nd one and didn't have sound on.
  9. Now 4-0 after 30 minutes. Fair to say game over.
  10. The ladies are back in action today after a 3 month lockdown layoff. They beat the normally all conquering Glasgow City 5-0 in there last outing and lead the league by goal difference after the first round of 7 games. They are attempting to stop City getting 14 in a row. No club has ever won both the Mens and Women's league in the same season, lets hope it is another first for the famous. With no disrespect to the ladies team the cup game against Cove is by far the more important and main focus for today, however, good luck ladies.
  11. Cheers mate, agree with the QP point. As for Hearts fans their outcry was because they did go out to a Highland league mob.
  12. On paper Cove Rangers are a cut above Brora. They won League 2 last year and sitting 2nd in League 1, while Brora are Highland League. Should be a comfortable enough win but would you be dismissing Falkirk or Partick as much, as that is Cove's standard. Not sure QP got 5m up front for Hampden, suspect paid in installments and as someone else posted they gave gone professional.
  13. I assumed that was a a quote from the police hence to give US his statement I could be wrong of course just how I read it The Police using the 3rd party and 1st party in tge same sentence.
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