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  1. To be fair they aren't normally played every week, but we started late this year.
  2. For the record I think the system is actually very good, and UEFA have thought of most eventuality. It is skewed towards benefiting the big leagues but as long as you stay in the top 15 countries it works quite well for you. Scotland are back there now but the trick is to stay there.
  3. Seeding are based on club coefficient. The country coefficient is only used to ascertain how many teams your country get into the CL and EL, and now EC and where these teams enter each competition. i.e. which qualifying round or straight into group. Once that is decided the club coefficient is used to ascertain the seeded teams for each of the qualifying rounds and then which pot you are in if you make the group stage. The only time the country coefficient comes into play again is where a club has a lower coefficient than its country coefficient, in that case it gets allocated the
  4. Yes , but did the deserve a pot 1 seeding.
  5. It isn't a case of getting the right of access, that is a given based on where you finish in your country's league or cup. It is a case of seeding for qualifiers of group pots. We would never have been denied access to CL or EL due to not being in Europe for 5 years but we were unseeded for the qualifiers, even the early ones in the first year back because we were Scottish. If we were Spanish, English etc we would have been seeded through all the qualifiers and put in pot 2 of the EL group, whereas last year we were in pot 4 and this year pot 3.
  6. I suspect a mixture of the bets going on us and 3 of their better players not travelling to Glasgow.
  7. Interesting. There is an article on bbc today highlighting their 3 most dangerous players and Tiba and Kaminski are 2 of them.
  8. I agree. That to me is the one area UEFA have it wrong, the rest actually works not too bad. If your club coefficient is lower than the country one you get the country coefficient. The theory is that if you were 4th or 5th in Spain but haven't been in Europe for 5 years for example, you are probably better than a team from Andorra that make Europe every year. It doesn't effect the quality teams, only the also rans. I think the highest country coefficient is around 16 and we are now above that despite only having 2 full years points plus this years. We have felt the effect the past 2 years as
  9. Normally yes as the combined coefficient points earned will be divided by 5 in future not 4. This ensures only countries with a depth of decent teams keep 5 or 6 teams in Europe. Scotland normally only get it for 1 or 2 seasons before we drop down again because of the lack of quality outside us and them. Will be interesting if that changes as 2 of our teams will be in this new EC competition where the standard should be lower and the likes of the sheep and hibs might actually get some wins.
  10. I knew someone would pick up on that. I was meaning in a "normal" year.
  11. Both the country and the club coefficients count. The country coefficient defines how many teams Scotland gets in each competition and at what stage of the qualifiers each team enters the competition. After that it is the clubs individual coefficient which defines if you are seeded or not for each qualifier and what pot you are in if you make the groups. Because we were out of Europe for 5 years we are in the process of rebuilding our club coefficient. This has also improved the Scottish coefficient hence the 2 CL places next year. First season back we had no coefficient points and screwed up
  12. The seeding is based on your club coefficient and is all transparent. If you go in as champions you go through the champions qualifying route. The top 12 countries champions get straight into the group stage and this is why the scottish champions are usually seeded all the way through the qualifiers, even though the tarriers have still gone out the past 3 seasons. Our problem is the coefficient is a running 5 year total and we have only 3 years of european competition since our return to the top so our coefficient is low compared to the tarriers. Another good year in the EL groups this season
  13. You say diddy clubs but if it had come in a year earlier we would have been in it. As Scotland only had 4 places, it would have been 1 CL and 1 EL for cup winner and 2 EC, 2nd and 3rd in league, which would have been us. It shows how important it was that we got Scotlands coefficient to a level Scotland are a top 15 country.
  14. Probably because away draws feel like wins.
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