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  1. MY Grandfather said to me when I was still a child. In life you will live in multiple homes, you will own multiple cars, you will have multiple girlfriends, you might even have more than one wife, but you will only ever have one football team, and that is Rangers.
  2. Hope we dont wait until 72 minutes to get the equaliser as we did last time. The odds of getting a winner in last 15 minutes wont happen everytime. Need to be back on terms by 60 mins.
  3. Noticed a couple of things which the management team have obviously re- emphasied as they have had the time between games. Borna and Tavenier getting crosses in early again, not afraid to shoot from edge of box and quicker tempo. Makes us look more dangerous again.
  4. I am surprisingly nervous as I want our win sequence to continue.
  5. They did it to us a couple of seasons past when they lost to the sheep on the final day of the season.
  6. Would love you to be proved right but I think both are shipping too many points. Tarriers will pick up just enough point to stay in second. Hope I'm wrong and you're correct.
  7. Never thought I would ever be disappointed at the Sheep getting beat but Hibs are probanly too far back to catch them and the Sheep now falling off the pace as well. Looks like they will get second.
  8. Yeah, read the article after I posted. SPFL should just come out and cancel the vote.
  9. Inverness effectively asked for the vote so there will be 1 vote for it.
  10. Perhaps if you look at my original post you will see I clearly state that I do not expect null and void to happen, also I agree moving to another league is almost impossible to get the football authorities to agree to. Unfortunately discussions on null and void are gaining momentum, to the extent that Gerrard has even commented on it, which I am sure was sanctioned by the Rangers board. It must be getting enough discussion within the SPFL for Rangers to feel it needs to be countered.
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