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  1. European football and trophies are also an attraction which you won't get in England unless you are wanted by one of the big six. In recent years also Wolves and Leicester but Rangers would be a safer option if Europe was you motivation.
  2. "Half decent" is a hell of a compliment from one of them. I am amazed the number of them who are in total denial and are still convinced they have by far the better squad but it is under performing. None of them will admit that just maybe man for man we now have the better players, not to mention being much better organised and motivated. Twice last week I had to name our players on international duty to one of them as they couldn't believe we have so many. They basically thought we had Jack and Morelos.
  3. Will we see it list in Bars for Bears.
  4. I made that point to one of them the other week and he told me I was talking crap. They just don't get it. I have celebrated every CL qualifier they have lost as I understood the significance of it if we wanted to be able to compete with them again. To be fair I celebrate every time they lose but the CL qualifiers were extra special.
  5. Agreed, last season and this they were seeded all way through the qualifiers and still screwed up in the CL ones. Due to us only coming back into Europe a couple of seasons ago our club coefficient has been low and hence we were unseeded from 2nd qualifier last season and 3rd qualifier this season.
  6. A good run in Europa brings in funds as others have said, but for me it is about improving OUR coefficient so that once we win the league we have an easier route into the CL Group stages where the real money is.
  7. Basically yes. We have a better head to head with Benfica on the basis of if it had been a knockout round we would have gone through.
  8. Yes but we have better head to head. GD is only if 3 teams tie and each have a better head to head with one other. For example A, B and C have same points. A better head to head with B, B better head to head with C and C better head to head with A. In a straight fight between 2 teams GD doesn't matter.
  9. I noticed that. They obviously think it is based on GD as opposed to head to head. Could just be enough to see us top the group and Benfica second.
  10. Been tracking back and assisting the midfield so not sure what you are watching.
  11. He is working his socks off, and causing them problems all over the pitch. He us not playing as an out and out striker tonight.
  12. Convinced myself chance was gone when Tav hit bar.
  13. Agreed, worst position for us is that they swap manager now and the new person coming in gets an "bounce" through Dec and actually knows what he is doing and Jan to May becomes a dog fight between us both. The later they swap manager the better for us as they could drop more points and it gives the new guy less time to sort the problems. Just need to hope Lawell doesn't see it that way.
  14. For them to get out the group they would need to win their next 3 Europa League games so that would be part of their building momentum. They can't continue to lose in Europe AND get through the group.
  15. Of course. I was thinking back to the old days when SPL was separate from SFL
  16. That is the total prize money spread over the 12 teams.
  17. For me I think the board will act after 2nd Jan if we beat them, especially if we play them off the park like the last time and they have no excuse of players being missing. It is up to us to ensure we are a minimum 14 points ahead going into that game. For me that would be too late for a new manager to turn it round. Only way I see him going before that is if he loses to Hearts in the cup.
  18. If there was a direct cause and effect you would be cheering the tarriers on in there next 3 Europa ties.
  19. I would never have expected us to score 3 over there, or lose 3 for that matter.
  20. Did you predict a draw or actually predict a 3-3. That's one hell of a call and could have got you a fortune at the bookies.
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