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  1. Further highlights the bheast driven agenda at the BBC.
  2. No i dont think we miss him. I will be thankful for the huge part he played in his successful time at our club. However i think Goian & Bocanegra are terrific at the back & are far better defenders that Bougherra.
  3. Who cares what the bheats did! Dignity & class is what seperates us from them & sadly that was missing when morons decided to clap. Also it was the away fans that sang the gary speed song. I sit right next to the away fans & it was the group of about 50 teenagers at the front that started it.
  4. You should really understand what you read before posting. Better for people to think your an idiot than to know your one. It raises the question if all these Celtic supporters are getting top jobs, where does the oppression take place?
  5. Different from the story I heard! Apparently broadfoot was an aggressor after abuse was shouted at him. This is the 3rd time he has been involved some sort of confrontation, with fans at hearts game, pasquali at Ibrox & now fans again. He is nothing more than a prick!
  6. At least some people are doing something about it, unlike the joint action group and let's not get started on follow follows reluctance to acknowledge the problem or the protest.
  7. Im not sure if this is a dig at Craig Whyte or not. However, if it is you need to remember that Mr Whyte was the only one willing to step up to the plate while the old regime were intent of ruining our great club. Every memeber of the old board to a man was a charlaton who were driven by self interest. Murray is a cunt!
  8. The club should be doing this like this to encourage fans through the gates. Well done Rangers
  9. David Leggat - giving it to you straight April 2011May 2011June 2011July 2011Posts [saturday, 12 November 2011 CELTIC PLAN TO CASH IN IF RANGERS GO BUST - Exclusive CELTIC are believed to be drawing up plans to push for the maximum punishment for Rangers, should the Ibrox club go into administration. According to a well placed mole, Celtic are already looking at a short list of the best legal brains in Britain to call in for the finest legal advice that money can buy. That could even see Celtic’s next board meeting advised as to just how hard a line they can try and push the Scottish Premier L
  10. The op is a cunt! Any "Rangers Fan" referring to themselves & the overall support as h*ns is a disgrace.
  11. Agreed kpl, it is far too important an issue! Thats why comments & criticism should have been kept in house.
  12. I think he does, as his comments have came across as disrespectful so there is a need for said comments to be explained. Who are you anyway, his mouth piece?
  13. That's the way it has came across & that's probably why people have reacted the way they have. Plus any suggestions maybe should have been forwarded to organisers before airing criticism publically
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