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  1. Its all Lee McCullochs fault!! I blame him
  2. Martin O'Neil used that system very well, but his players were suited to it.
  3. I've seen the film. The book is a thousand times better but still worth a watch. Rhys Ifans voice in it is enough to put you to sleep though
  4. Glad u'z had a good time. Keep up the good work following the team, just wish I could have joined yous
  5. It should be McGregor but got to give it to Sasa just for being the gentleman he is. Need more like him, big Laff and El Hadji could learn a thing or two from him
  6. The only thing I've got to say to be honest is..... FUCK THEM!! Couldnt give a flying fuck about that scabby team. RFC is the only team for me!!
  7. Wouldnt mind the same help if any helpful bears are out there with a spare
  8. Risky, but worked a treat. Doesnt seem to be affected by not playing. If he is lacking match fitness just imagine how good he would be with a run of game. Thought he was top class last night.
  9. Sorry if re-post I havnt been on here for a few days and havnt been reading any media sources plus also missed the build up to last nights game. Why wasnt he playing? Thought Alexander played exceptionally well considering lack of competative action. Well done Alexander
  10. Agreed and think most will also agree. Can Admin please go about and getting this sorted please?
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