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  1. Hate to say it but we miss Candieas badly. Arfield is not a natural right winger and has been shoe horned in there to fit in him in. Aribo and Arfield should be rotated as the attacking threat from.the middle, play Ojo and Jones out wide, they're not great but they provide natural width which we are massively lacking.
  2. Probably in the minority here but I still do see talent in Barisic which is frustrating because he doesn't look like he knows how to use it.
  3. I'd be dishing out the gobbles if we got £10 mil for him 😄
  4. Ads are personalised based on your browsing history.....
  5. I mean they paid almost 7mil for that Simunovic so I would say not really
  6. Edmundson seems a decent prospect, would be happy to have him get game time behind Katic and Goldson. Still feel we need one more CB though, whether experience or youth, id be happy so long as we had 4 capable CBs to rotate for the season. We haven't signed one more defender apart from Edmundson which is a slight concern, we need to reinforce the full back department, particularly LB. I'm happy to give Barisic another chance as I believe there is a player in there but we need an option if he doesn't come good, and that option should not be Flanagan or Halliday. I wouldn't argue with anot
  7. Also Ojo looks like a fucking machine
  8. Even Candeias looks fucked, must be a brutal session!
  9. What pisses me off is everyone talks about him reacting to other players. Why does no one in the media talk about what he is reacting to. If Morelos had made kicked out on Brown the way Brown kicked out at him, he would have been getting hunted.
  10. Loved his celebration
  11. Remember on Walters last season he banned the players from making social media posts. Gerrard seems to be of similar opinion, at least keep it filtered.
  12. Shrewd signing for 4th choice, decent enough
  13. Fucking unreal save! But I must say, UFA keepers save was possibly better! I was raging then he saved it ?
  14. Just think he needs to learn to control his temperament a wee bit better mate, still love the guy!
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