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  1. Agreed mate, I wasn't saying some modern development in the area should not happen, the opposite, I was advocating for it. I was referring more the newest developments around their dump.
  2. Agreed, there's a fucking wall going round part of that shitpile in the east ffs. The new developments are nothing to shout about either. A velodrome and other facilities that they got one good use of in 2014 and now are stuck with and some other shitty developments. Newer is not always better, replacing old shite with slightly less shite shite still leaves you with shite. Fair enough the area around Ibrox is a bit rundown but gentrification is coming. It's inevitable, it's too close to the city centre, too close to the Riverside, too close.to.other large developments such as Buchanan wharf and the potential pedestrian link from Govan to Partick and the West End for it to area to ignored forever. There's so many brownfield areas especially to the north and around the Albion that are becoming harder and harder to find so close to the city centre these days that's inevitable development will happen soon. Certainly a lot sooner than around some shitehole in the middle of an even bigger shitehole with fuck all around it in the east end.
  3. One third of the car park is still being retained so hopefully they prioritize disabled parking spaces with what remains.
  4. I know I'm probably but in the minority here but I like it. Let's be honest, the area around Ibrox is pretty fucking honking. Our stadium has got to be one of the most beautiful stadium structures in the world, our main stand anyway. The land around it should complement it. The design presented I am a fan off. It's reminiscent of the shape of our original stadium and the brick work complements the design of our the main stand without being overbearing. Also I'd argue that those renders are slightly skewed. It makes you it look like it's right next to Ibrox rather than setback behind the roundabout. Obviously done to frame it better but misleading. I'd also say it's tucked away slightly as it's not on where you would describe the main channel into Ibrox. If the car park has gone, most of the foot flow will come from the subway and PRW ends. It's not really in the way. The money has apparently been earmarked for developing Edmiston House and Ibrox which would have more benefits to the club financial and otherwise than owning a car park. I remember when we secured a loan against ACP and EH for around 3 million so I imaging the land with planning permission granted would be worth a fair chunk. The development would also increase the land value around Ibrox and make the rest of the area more attractive to developers. More importantly, we still own a third of the car park, which would have it's land value increased. I think the club should capitalise on this, get a developer to get consented plans for another development then sell the land our selves with permission to build. Could net the club a very tidy sum and if it's true we have a Hong Kong based property and land developer eating in the wings to invest, I'd be surprised if it hasn't at the very least been thought about already
  5. Pics from follow of the two ideas being proposed
  6. I get what you mean, I didn't mean a comeback in terms of going away. I meant as in, working out way from being literally rock bottom to champions.
  7. I genuinely embrace Sevco. It's a reminder to me, and all of us, that they thought we were dead and buried, gone and forgotten. The whole of Scottish football did, They laughed and tried to kick us when we were down, in their hubris they failed to recognise that every year we got a little stronger, a little closer. "Sevco" was and is a desperate attempt to try deflect from the truth, that we are back and the natural order is being restored, that we were down and not out and that when 55 finally comes, every single person that calls us "Sevco" in a desperate attempt to diminish our achievement and one of the greatest footballing comebacks of all time will be the ones that feeling the rage they are desperate for us to feel, and that makes me almost as happy as 55 itself. Sevco and proud ya wean touching inbreds.
  8. Also the third youngest in the top 10
  9. Didn't see a thread already apologies if it's already been mentioned. Todays goal equals him with Ronaldo in 5th place in Europes top scorers in 2019. Yet another amazing achievement for the wee man.
  10. Edouard 2018/2019: 52 games 23 goals Morelos November 2019/2010: 28 games 24 goals How is it even up for debate who the better striker is?
  11. Sky sports commentators gutted. Not even complimented how good a finish it was.
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